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Trade Emerging as a Key Driver of Brazilian Deforestation

Apr. 4, 2013 — A new study published online April 4th in the journal Environmental Research Letters finds that trade and global consumption of Brazilian beef and soybeans is increasingly driving Brazilian deforestation

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APP denies breaking logging promise after WWF allegations

Asia Pulp & Paper has announced that it has not breached its deforestation policy following WWF allegations

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U.S. book industry using 24 percent recycled paper on average

From 2004 to 2010, book publishers increased their use of recycled fiber by nearly five times, from 5 percent to 24 percent on average, according to a new report by the Book Industry Environmental Council (BIEC) and Green Press Initiative.

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Starbucks Increases Ethical Sourcing Practices With New Farm in Costa Rica

This week Starbucks announced it would enhance its ethical sourcing program with the investment in a new farming and research center in Costa Rica

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Comply with marine guidelines – oil coys told

Oil & Gas exploration companies in the country have been advised to adhere to marine protection guidelines aimed at protecting aquatic organisms.

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Time to make the high seas our business — for our future

WHEN the world you inhabit is beset by economic ills, the last thing a sensible society should do is ignore a valuable resource. When your country and continent are doing their best to develop and bring the good things in life to all of their people, the last thing they should do is forgo an opp ...

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Disney buys $3.5M in REDD credits from rainforest conservation project in Peru

The Walt Disney Company has purchased $3.5 million dollars' worth of carbon credits generated via rainforest conservation in Peru, reports Point Carbon.

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Nestlé brews up stronger environmental commitments

Company plans to reduce emissions 35 per cent and energy consumption 25 per cent, while moving to 100 per cent sustainable palm oil

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More Companies Looking to Go Green While Remaining Profitable

Samarinda/Jakarta. Indonesian plantation and logging companies are increasingly balancing their profits and growth with environmental protection, according to industry players, activists and officials.

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Morocco: World Bank Supports Competitiveness and Green Growth in Morocco

Washington — A $160 million loan will support reforms in Morocco's business environment to spur competitiveness and boost growth and job creation in an increasingly competitive global economy.

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Market access poser for palm oil, new move by major consumers to completely avoid using palm oil.

THE market access for palm oil has become a growing debate of late, especially since global palm oil inventories from major producers are bursting at the seams.

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Major Grocer to Label Foods With Gene-Modified Content

Whole Foods Market, the grocery chain, on Friday became the first retailer in the United States to require labeling of all genetically modified foods sold in its stores, a move that some experts said could radically alter the food industry.

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Gucci launches 'zero-deforestation' handbag

Gucci has rolled out a collection of 'zero-deforestation' handbags.

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Biodiversity offsets to the fore as blue chips call for focus on natural capital

The business reality is that change will happen,' warns major new report urging government to embrace the concept of ecosystem markets.

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The Future Depends on Developing Tomorrow’s Innovators

These days there is a lot of talk about innovation and entrepreneurship driving the “new economy,” and I believe that in order to unlock this innovation in the private sector, we must foster a renewed partnership between legislative leaders and business entrepreneurs

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Biodiversity contributes to economy - Molewa

The Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, says the benefits derived from biodiversity or ecosystem services are estimated at R73bn, contributing to 7% of South Africa's GDP per annum.

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There Is No Sustainable Business.

BARCELONA — Sustainable entrepreneurship — a buzzword in an increasingly eco-conscious business world — is often described as a balance between profit and environmental impact.

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Hotter, wetter climate slashes labour capacity by 10%, study shows

Work capability losses owing to hot and humid conditions could double by mid-century, US government scientists say

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Why Is Timberland Planting Trees In Haiti?

A recent Forbes blog covered the news that Timberland has supported the planting of over 2 million trees in Haiti. My first reaction was that this is absolutely great. My second reaction was why?

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Saving the planet and educating the public are vital goals for one company.

THE Body Shop believes the natural environment is everything living and non-living that occurs naturally on earth. With its slogan, Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good, it has, over the years, embarked on various campaigns and project.

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Carbon Trust launches scheme to tackle water waste

An international standard on water reduction has been launched in an effort to order to encourage businesses to use water more sustainably.

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The case for natural capital accounting

Few companies today account in their financial statements for the value of natural capital — resources such as clean water, tillable soil, breathable air and other resources that are often taken for granted or assumed to be free.

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After Indonesian paper giant commits to no deforestation, pressure mounts on its biggest competitor

After Indonesian paper giant Asia Pulp & Paper's announcement last week that it will no longer source fiber produced from destruction of tropical rainforests, environmental groups are now urging Indonesia's other major paper company to make a similar commitment.

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U.N.’s Water Agenda at Risk of Being Hijacked by Big Business

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 11 2013 (IPS) - Amidst growing new threats of potential conflicts over fast-dwindling water resources in the world’s arid regions, the United Nations will commemorate 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation (IYWC).

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A Fifth of Global Investing Considered “Sustainable”, Industry Reports

WASHINGTON, Jan 30 2013 (IPS) - Nearly 22 percent of professionally managed assets around the world can be considered sustainable or responsible, according to a finance industry assessment, the first comprehensive look at the subject.

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Microsoft and UNEP Take on Biodiversity Modeling

Microsoft is at it again. A leader in corporate social responsibility and social enterprise initiatives, now the information technology giant is boosting its environmental stability chops within its corporate citizenship agenda.

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Chinese company joins global 'green' plan

BAODING, China, Jan. 30 (UPI) -- The World Wildlife Fund says a Chinese solar cell manufacturer is the first company in that country to join the fund's Climate Saver program.

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B&Q and Wickes to pull pesticide products linked to bee decline

Two of the UK's biggest home improvement retailers have pledged to remove products from their shelves containing pesticides linked to the decline in the bee population.

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HarperCollins establishes policy barring paper sourced from rainforest destruction

HarperCollins has established a policy that excludes paper sourced from destruction of tropical rainforests and old growth forests.

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Shareholders and their environmental liability

A group of European researchers say shareholders should be held liable for the environmental damage caused by the companies they invest in. But the suggestion does have its drawbacks.

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Climate Change Is Here. How Companies Are Preparing For It

Climate change has arrived. 2012 is in the books as the warmest year on record, and extreme costly weather events are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

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Recording and protecting biodiversity in Brazil

Exploration geologist Giorgio Sartorato is using data and technology to minimise Anglo American's environmental impact

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Will Biodiversity Proponents Embrace Business in 2013?

3 January 2013 | In late October of last year, roughly 5,000 participants gathered in Hyderabad, India to protect biodiversity during the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s 11th Conference of the Parties. After the previous conference in Nagoya, Japan, this was to be the “implementation con ...

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Sustainability will prompt redesign and gain recognition

The Rainforest Alliance's president hopes 2013 will see sustainable redesign across large companies and at field level

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2 small companies recognized for tropical forest-friendly approaches

Two Latin American companies have won the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge, a competition that aims to highlight and support for-profit entities that have a positive impact on conserving tropical forests.

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Insurance Industry Paying Increasing Attention to Climate Change

Dec. 13, 2012 — The insurance industry, the world's largest business with $4.6 trillion in revenues, is making larger efforts to manage climate change-related risks, according to a new study published December 13 in the journal Science.

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Corporate Climate Change Rankings Show Which Companies Are Lowering Their Emissions

A new list from Climate Counts -- a non-profit organization which aims to bring businesses and consumers together to address climate change -- ranked businesses on their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease their carbon footprints.

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The Race for Developing Plant-based Renewable Plastics

The 20th century marked the great space race between Russia and the United States for domination in space exploration. Now the 21st century marks a new race: Coca-Cola and PepsiCo competing for leadership on plant-based renewable plastics.

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South Africa needs a business alliance that ‘protects biodiversity’

THE other day, I spotted a small flurry of activity just outside my front door. A gecko had died and its body was covered in black ants. Within days, the ants reduced it to a shell of crumbling skin.

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It's time to redesign our economic system

The vital connection between economics and a healthy ecosystem is still not understood by mainstream economists and financial theorists – what will it take?

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The Business Case for Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Business and biodiversity haven’t mixed well, historically. The confluence of several significant trends—population growth, natural resource and materials scarcity, ongoing ecosystems services degradation, loss of biodiversity and climate change, among them—has business leaders increasingly focu ...

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International Leaders in Business, Government and Civil Society Join Forces in the Launch of Global Coalition for Valuing Natural Capital

Singapore, 7 November 2012 - International leaders from business, government and non-governmental organizations gathered in Singapore on Tuesday to launch officially the new TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) for Business Coalition Headquarters, which aims to achieve a shift in ...

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Q&A: Companies Study Climate Risks and Opportunities

SANTIAGO, Oct 25 2012 (IPS) - Investors and corporations have become increasingly concerned over the effects of climate change, which are being felt in vast areas of the planet and have begun to impact on the profitability of their operations.

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IKEA to move to clean energy by 2020, protect forests

IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer, will shift to renewable energy by 2020 and grow more trees than it uses under a plan to safeguard nature that has won support from environmentalists.

Side Event
COP 11

Business and Biodiversity in Transition: 'Biodiversity in Good Company' as an example for creating business initiatives

The topic of business and biodiversity is progressing all over the world. Different kinds of platforms, initiatives, organizations, and of course governments are striving to integrate the private sector in the implementation of the CBD goals and targets as well as national strategy plans for bio ...

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Ecuador says companies join novel Amazon protection fund

About a dozen companies are contributing to a novel conservation plan that pays Ecuador to protect part of the Amazon rainforest in return for barring oil drilling, the head of the initiative said on Friday.

Side Event
COP 11

The Brazilian Initiative on Business and Biodiversity - IBNB: The challenging task of engaging the private sector

The Brazilian Initiative on Business and Biodiversity was recently launched during Rio + 20 by the joint efferts from the Confederation of Industries - CNI, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development CEBDS, LIFE Institute and the Business Movement for Biodiversity - MEB. One of t ...

Side Event
COP 11

The South African Story-The Business Case for Biodiversity

A side event, highlighting South Africa’s experience regarding the Nagoya protocol, business and biodiversity and trade issues. The event provides the opportunity for the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs to sign the MOU with Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China in the field of ...

Side Event
COP 11

Mobilizing resources for conservation: marrying public and private sector to raise revenue and cut costs

Biodiversity conservation activities have been driven until recently by an imperative to manage global public goods associated with biologically rich ecosystems. In the next decade, biodiversity conservation will need to take place in the context of rapid human population growth, increased loca ...

Side Event
COP 11

‘Going Wise’: Mutual benefits for plant-based businesses and national policy makers

Over 50,000 medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) species are used globally for health, food and cosmetics, providing an important source of income generation for many national economies and rural communities. At the same time, one-fifth of MAP species are threatened due to over-harvesting and lan ...

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