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EU fishing vote foments anger

Failure to impose a ban on deep-sea fishing jeopardizes the future of vulnerable ecosystems, say researchers.

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China bans shark fin, bird's nest soup from state banquets

China has banned shark fin and bird's nest soup from being served at official state banquets, reports Chinese state media.

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Vast Freshwater Reserves Found Beneath the Oceans

reserves of freshwater beneath the oceans kilometres out to sea, providing new opportunities to stave off a looming global water crisis.

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Japan's whaling fleet en route to Southern Ocean for 'scientific' hunts

Sea Shepherd conservation group presses Australia's coalition government to honour pledge to monitor fleet's activities

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The mystery of Ashmore Reef's disappearing sea snakes

It's far from people and industry, it's protected under international convention, and yet one of the world's richest sea snake communities has disappeared from Ashmore Reef.

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Humans Threaten Wetlands' Ability to Keep Pace With Sea-Level Rise

Dec. 4, 2013 — Left to themselves, coastal wetlands can resist rapid levels of sea-level rise. But humans could be sabotaging some of their best defenses, according to a Nature review paper published December 5 from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the Smithsonian Environmental Resea ...

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The Great Barrier Reef: Just unwell or terminally ill?

Starfish, cyclones, chemicals. If things continue the way they are, the Great Barrier Reef won't be great for much longer.

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Microplastics 'pose toxic threat to marine biodiversity'

Tiny particles of waste plastic that are ingested by shoreline "eco-engineer" worms may be negatively affecting biodiversity, a study says.

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Activists say plan to protect Maui's dolphin doesn't go far enough

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, Nov. 30 (UPI) -- Activists say measures to protect Maui's dolphins are insufficient, and predict the dolphins -- the rarest in the world -- could be extinct within 20 years.

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Study to bring wave of ocean data to negotiating table

[RIO DE JANEIRO] Despite the ocean’s importance for the planet, it usually takes a back seat in political discussions about global issues, like climate change. The World Ocean Assessment study aims to change that by providing policymakers with the scientific data they need to make informed decis ...

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Google Earth reveals fish catch is 6 times greater than thought in Persian Gulf

Google Earth has been once again used by researchers for scientific discovery.

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Mangrove ecosystems being obliterated in Myanmar

Mangrove cover in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Delta declined by nearly two-thirds between 1978 and 2011, leaving coastal areas more vulnerable to disasters like Cyclone Nargis, which killed 138,000 people in 2008, finds a new study published in the journal Global Environmental Change.

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Acidifying Oceans Alarm Hundreds of Scientists

PARIS, France, November 27, 2013 (ENS) – Climate change is causing the world’s oceans to acidify at rates not seen for the last 55 million years, and the only way to moderate this danger is to reduce human emissions of carbon dioxide, conclude 540 scientists from 37 countries in a new report.

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Have We Saved the Sharks?

“In China victory for wildlife conservation as citizens persuaded to give up shark fin soup.” This October 19 headline in the Washington Post was one that marine conservationists had been waiting decades to read—and the story inside delivered, reporting a 50 to 70 percent decrease in consumptio ...

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Changes to Canada's fisheries law alarm biologists

Revisions that take effect today remove protections for 80% of endangered freshwater species.

Action by

Request to submit information and suggestions for the development of proposals to update the specific work plan on coral bleaching

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DC/JL/JG/82124 (2013-108)
To: CBD National Focal Points, CBD SBSTTA Focal Points; other Governments; International Coral Reef Initiative; regional seas organizations and other relevant regional initiatives; relevant organizations; indigenous and local communities.

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Action by

Request for scientific information to support the objectives of the CBD Arctic Regional Workshop to Facilitate the Description of Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSAs), 3 to 7 March 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Reference: SCBD/SAM/DC/JL/JG/82923 (2013-106)
To: CBD National Focal Points, SBSTTA Focal Points; other Governments; relevant Permanent Participants and Working Groups of the Arctic Council; International Maritime Organization (IMO); Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO); United Nations Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (UNDOALOS); United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)–Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC); World Conservation Monitoring Centre of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP-WCMC); Global Ocean Biodiversity Initiative (GOBI); relevant regional seas conventions and action plans; relevant regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs); and other relevant organizations and regional initiatives; indigenous and local communities (ILCs)

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Ban on discarding unwanted catch won't save fisheries

This will create a splash. A much-praised ban on European fishing boats throwing unwanted catch overboard won't save the continent's fisheries, a report published this week says.

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Expert Assessment: Ocean Acidification May Increase 170 Percent This Century

Nov. 13, 2013 — In a major new international report, experts conclude that the acidity of the world's ocean may increase by around 170% by the end of the century bringing significant economic losses.

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Don't Hold the Anchovies: Study Shows Peruvian Fish Worth More as Food Than Feed

Nov. 13, 2013 — The true potential of Peruvian anchovy lies not in fishmeal but as food for people and as part of the ocean food web, according to Canadian and Peruvian researchers.

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Longline fisheries in Costa Rica hook tens of thousands of sea turtles every year

Hundreds of kilometers of commercial fishing lines slither along coastal waters in Costa Rica, hooking thousands of mahi-mahi and many other marketable fish.

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Amateur divers share species data through GBIF

Species observations from thousands of scuba divers all over the world are now freely accessible via the GBIF portal.

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Marine Biology: Feast and Famine On the Abyssal Plain

Nov. 11, 2013 — Animals living on the abyssal plains, miles below the ocean surface, don't usually get much to eat.

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Killer virus found in migrating dolphins identified in whales, too

KEY WEST, Fla., Nov. 11 (UPI) -- A measles-like virus killing dolphins along the U.S. east coast has reached Florida and is now infecting whales as well, wildlife experts say.

Action by

CBD Expert Workshop on Underwater Noise and its Impacts on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity, 25 to 27 February 2014 – International Maritime Organization Headquarters, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Reference: SCBD/STTM/JL/JG/82877 (2013-101)
To: CBD National Focal Points and SBSTTA Focal Points; other Governments; International Maritime Organization; Convention on Migratory Species; International Whaling Commission; indigenous and local communities; and other relevant organizations

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Report says Canada at risk of losing world-leader status on ocean science

VANCOUVER -- Canada is a global steward of the seas with the longest coastline in the world stretched along three oceans, but that role is at risk, says a new report.

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Starfish wasting disease baffles US scientists

Deadly disease ravages sea creatures in record numbers along west coast of US from south-east Alaska to Orange County

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Bottom-Feeding Behavior of Humpback Whales Confirmed

Oct. 30, 2013 — Humpback whales are known for the complexity of their feeding techniques, which include "trapping" krill and other prey within bubble nets they produce and gulping up to two-thirds their weight in prey-laden water.

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Japan's coastal hunts for small cetaceans not sustainable, says report

Pursuit of whale, dolphin and porpoise species should be phased out, says Environmental Investigation Agency

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Oarfish’s misfortune is scientists’ boon

The US media reported gleefully this month that two real-life sea monsters had hit the beaches of southern California. But the two huge — and dead — giant oarfish have prompted an equally delighted reaction among the world’s ichthyologists, who are keen to know more about these little-studied an ...

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Conflict of interest threatens Great Barrier Reef

Australia's most loved environmental asset, the Great Barrier Reef, has faced many threats over the years. Everything from marine pollution to predatory starfish have endangered the world heritage listed site. Now massive port development s and dredging are fuelling concerns and UNESCO is consid ...

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Wageningen UR announces researchers back from Saba Bank expedition

From 19-27 October 2013, IMARES Wageningen UR, organised a research expedition to the Saba Bank, to investigate the ecological functioning of the Bank. Thirty-three 50m long transects resulted in more than 2000 images of the reef, and over 5000 fish counts of almost 100 fish species.

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Mangroves Help Guyana Defend Against Changing Climate

VICTORIA, Guyana, Oct 26 2013 (IPS) - Theola Fortune can recall how residents of Victoria would ridicule her and others every time they went into the east coast village to warn residents about the importance of mangroves and the need to protect them.

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Fishing ban to protect Antarctic seas?

The Antarctic is one of earth's last wildernesses, yet its seas are under increasing pressure from commercial activity and climate change. A meeting in Hobart could provide long-term protection for the Southern Ocean.

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Coral Itself May Play Important Role in Regulating Local Climate: Coral Chemicals Protect Against Warming Oceans

Oct. 23, 2013 — A new article reveals coral animals produce the 'smell of the ocean' -- influencing cloud formation and protecting themselves against rising seawater temperatures.

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Hypoxia Issues in the Gulf of Mexico

Oct. 24, 2013 — The Mississippi River Basin is home to much of the United States' fertile crop land. Though we need our food and energy crops, their production has led to an increase in the levels of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in our water sources

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'Overfishing is a problem across the EU'

The European Parliament has voted against new subsidies for the fishing industry, opting to deliver funds to conservation research and the protection of fish stocks instead. Nina Wolf from OCEAN2012 is happy at the news.

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Cuba’s Mangroves Dying of Thirst

SURGIDERO DE BATABANÓ, Cuba, Oct 22 2013 (IPS) - In the 1960s, the Cuban government declared that storage of fresh water for times of drought or hurricanes was a matter of national security, and it began to dam up the country’s rivers. But that policy has claimed an unforeseen victim: mangroves.


3rd World Congress of Marine Protected Areas (IMPAC3)

21 - 26 October 2013, Marseille, France

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Sea level rise threatening health of Florida Everglades vegetation

MIAMI, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Rising sea levels are threatening freshwater plants in Florida's Everglades, researchers say, which could spell problems for the plants and animals alike.

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Ocean sciences: Follow the fish

Next year, the United Nations aims to complete its first World Ocean Assessment, a process akin to the regular reporting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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'Whales' and dolphins may work together

False killer whales and bottlenose dolphins in New Zealand form long-term partnerships that might help them fend off predators or find food, researchers suggest.

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Operation starfish to save reef

Armed with improvised spears, the team clad in scuba gear, were submerged in the clear waters off Pigeon Island. Seeing an area where corals were destroyed, they descended like sharks that had spotted their prey. Taking aim, they speared the starfish that was the cause of the destruction.

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The Coral Triangle – a new geography for a new age

The APEC Summit in Bali has gathered together an impressive selection of world leaders coming together to enhance economic collaboration around sustainable and equitable development

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