Waiver of Liability

Anyone who wishes to use the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity logo must follow the instructions in the Brand Usage Guidelines and must send us a signed waiver form. You can choose between a PDF form or an online form.

PDF Form

Click here to download the PDF form.
Once we receive your signed waiver, we will send you the logo.

Online Form

The electronic waiver is faster and paperless! To ensure that your information is secure, you need a CBD user account. After completing the waiver you should see a confirmation page where you can download the logo. If you don't see this page, please contact us for further information or assistance.

If you don't have a CBD user account please do the following:
  1. Create one here.
  2. Check your email to get your temporary password.
  3. Go to www.cbd.int/2011-2020/waiver/submit

If you already have a CBD user account:
  1. Just go to www.cbd.int/2011-2020/waiver/submit