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Three U.S. retailers pledge to avoid fish from embattled Ross Sea

The Ross Sea, a massive bay off Antarctica, has been dubbed the world's last ocean due to its pristine state, long-untouched by industry and fisheries.

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Nestlé partners with South African scientists

The FINANCIAL -- Nestlé is entering into a new research partnership with the government of South Africa which it is hoped will contribute to the scientific development of the country and the continent as a whole.

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Investigation links APP to illegal logging of protected trees

A year-long undercover investigation has found evidence of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) companies cutting and pulping legally protected ramin trees, a practice that violates both Indonesian and international law.

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Brazilian Rainforest: Caught Between Biodiversity And Business

Brazil is exporting more and more agricultural produce: soya beans and beef in particular, but also corn, rice and sugar. Taken together, these exports represent half of Brazil’s total today.

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Amazon.com stops selling whale meat

Amazon Japan, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, pulled all whale meat products (and possibly dolphin meat) from its site after a new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the Humane Society International highlighted the issue.

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Tesco and RSPB join forces to protect rainforests

The retailer and wildlife conservation charity hope the initiative – Together for Trees – will increase public awareness

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Paper Industry Decimating Indonesia's Tigers

WASHINGTON, Feb 20, 2012 (IPS) - The survival of Sumatra's tigers, elephants, orangutans, rhinos, as well as indigenous communities, is threatened by the "world's fastest deforestation rate", caused by none other than the pulp and paper industry, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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Making the economic case for business and biodiversity

Is there an economic case for businesses to do something about the continuing loss of biodiversity?

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Saving biodiversity for breakfast

One of my favourite breakfast cereals in France is actually from the UK – Jordan’s Crispy Crunch. So I was most interested to see their current TV ad promoting their commitment to biodiversity.

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Some toilet paper production destroys Indonesian rainforests, endangering tigers and elephants

Some toilet paper production destroys Indonesian rainforests, endangering tigers and elephants

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Business coalition re-established in run-up to Rio+20

Globalisation has strengthened the business case for sustainability and a wide range of tools are already in use to measure environmental, social and governance impacts

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Consumers are making sustainable choices, all they need is a little guidance

Asda study shows consumers – regardless of age, gender or income – are choosing sustainable products and services

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Rio+20 draft offers ‘bare bones’ of green growth manifesto – HSBC

This year’s landmark Rio+20 conference could help underpin investor confidence in a shift to a more sustainable global economy – if elements in the recently released ‘draft outcome’ are developed, according to HSBC.

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Calculating the Carbon Value of a Swamp

A nonprofit organization and a Gulf Coast electric company have come up with a way that might raise money to help protect New Orleans and surrounding areas from storms made worse by climate change – by collecting funds from people who feel bad about their carbon dioxide emissions.

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Levi's drops Asia Pulp & Paper due to its link to deforestation in Indonesia

Levi Strauss & Company became the latest firm to drop Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) as a supplier due to concerns over APP's continued clearing of rainforests in Sumatra, reports the Rainforest Action Network, a green group in the midst of a campaign against APP.

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Firms to suggest ways of eco-friendly production

Abu Dhabi: To sustain a world population of nine billion people in 2050, the world must double its agricultural production without increasing land and water use, as well as reduce carbon emissions by half.

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The communities taking renewable energy into their own hands

Late last year we - Co-operatives UK and The Co-operative Group - published a new report which reveals the growing number of people who are choosing to start renewable energy co-operatives in their communities, against all the odds.

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US rejects European Court ruling on airline emissions

The US says EU plans for an emissions tax on airlines must be dealt with by the international aviation body.

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Corrected: Coke sets plan for plastic bottles from plants

(Reuters) - Coca-Cola Co announced a plan on Thursday that brings it closer to rolling out soft drink bottles made entirely from plant-based plastic.

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Palm oil, pulp companies commit to zero-tolerance policy for orangutan killing

Two Indonesian plantation companies have signed an agreement to train workers not to kill or injure orangutans and other protected species.

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Shark fin goes off the menu at Peninsula hotels

The move will affect the group's nine hotels, including those in China and Hong Kong, the centre of the global shark fin market

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'Green Economy' Will Benefit Nation

Windhoek — The new concept of a "Green Economy" might sound strange and alien to many but it just refers to the right way of doing things.

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Puma aiming to produce compostable trainers and T-shirts

German sportswear manufacturer working on designs for shoes and clothing that can be buried at the bottom of the garden

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Chinese airlines to sue EU over carbon price

Air China and three other major Chinese carriers are planning jointly to sue the European Union for its plan to charge airlines for carbon emissions, a senior official with the country's industry group said yesterday.

Action by

Dialogue seminar on scaling up finance for biodiversity

Reference: SCBD/ITS/DC/MC/77988 (2011-210)
To: CBD Focal Points and Resource Mobilization Focal Points

I am pleased to inform you that a global dialogue seminar on scaling up finance for biodiversity, co-hosted by the Governments of Ecuador, Sweden, Norway and India, together with Japan as the COP Presidency, will be held from 6 to 9 March 2012 in Quito, Ecuador.

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McDonald's joins sustainable palm oil initiative

McDonald's Corp. has officially joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a body that sets criteria for improving the social and environmental performance of palm oil production.

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JAL 'Eco Jet' promotes Japan biodiversity

In a bid to raise awareness and support for biodiversity, Japan Airlines will have its planes sport the United Nations' Decade on Biodiversity (UNDB) logo on its JAL Eco Jet.

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Companies pre-empt climate regulations

Many Canadian companies are weaving climate change into their core business strategies well ahead of any regulatory requirement, says a report by the Carbon Disclosure Project and international consultant Accenture released Wednesday.

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Canadian firms warming to climate-change measures

Canadian companies, once leery of the costs and headaches of dealing with climate change, now realize that it may provide a significant business opportunity.

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Better business decisions through ecosystem valuation

How business can transform biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation into new opportunities

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Airbus employees embark on third biodiversity project to India

The programme runs in partnership with Raleigh International, the Indian government, the UN’s Development Programme and several Indian non-governmental organisations.

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European business meetings on biodiversity

Last week, two very interesting business meetings on biodiversity took place in Europe. Both indicated the increasing interest in biodiversity as a key sustainability issue for businesses operating in Europe and for European businesses operating globally

Press Release

Biodiversity Awareness Keeps Rising among Consumers and Business

Paris/Montreal 5 May 2011. Biodiversity awareness has risen again among consumers and business, according to the latest edition of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) Biodiversity Barometer launched in Paris today.


2011 Business and Industry Global Dialogue (UNEP DTIE)

11 - 12 April 2011, Paris, France

Side Event
COP 10

Business meets Biodiversity - Doing Business the Biodiverse Way

Leading companies from around the world, who are dynamically engaged in protecting biodiversity by conscientiously adapting business practices, will present their efforts at this side event. Participants will be able to hear from and interact directly with business members of the Business and B ...

Side Event
COP 10

Brazilian Biodiversity and Business Action

By presenting some case studies on how Brazilian companies are responding to the CBD, the side event aims at disseminating good practices in Brazil regarding the relationship between business, society and biodiversity. We believe that the business sector needs to become a bigger part of the solu ...

Side Event
COP 10

Corporate Biodiversity Management - Practicality Meets Biodiversity

Business meets biodiversity in a real way. The all-new best practises manual “Corporate Biodiversity Management” is here. The handbook will be presented by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) together with Business and Biodiversity Initiative members. It represents the consolidated efforts o ...

Side Event
COP 10

Going beyond mitigation: How can private sector drive biodiversity conservation?

The event will present views, experiences and recommendations from the private sector actors on how to advance towards effectively engaging business in supporting the implemetation of the three objectives of CBD, in particular in the use of BioTrade approaches.

Side Event
COP 10

How Japanese companies work on TEEB, certifications, PES, offsets: Many cases presented by Nikkei BP EMF.

Nikkei BP's EcoManagement Forum (EMF) is a consortium of 170 large corporations which work hard on biodiversity. EMF is also partnered with Nikkei Ecology. a leding Japanese magazine of environmental issues in business. The member companies present many cases of their approach to biodiversity an ...

Side Event
COP 10


This side event will showcase European examples of partnerships with the private sector including the EU Business and Biodiversity Platform, the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign, the Nordic countries business and biodiversity example and will discuss the involvement of the business se ...

Side Event
COP 10

Corporate ecosystem valuation – Business guidance and examples

If biodiversity and ecosystems are to be conserved, it is crucial to realize their true value. Yet, some of the most vital ecosystem services are also among the most difficult to bring to market. While the economic value of some ecosystem services is obvious, the value of other services is less ...

Side Event
COP 10

FROM CARBON NEGATIVE TO BIODIVERSITY POSITIVE: A NEW PARADIGM FOR BUSINESS RESPONSIBILITY? Merged side event: “Net Positive Impact: A New Business Trend” And “Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme

This side event aims to share information on actions by leading companies to ‘neutralise’ their residual environmental impacts and to introduce the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme. It seeks feedback from CBD delegates on what Parties and others can do to stimulate more companies to ...

Side Event
COP 10

Well being, Bioenterprises and Endogenous Development

Concepts of well being are defined differently in different worldviews, although they eventually aim to reach a level of welfare. Building on research and practices undertaken by the different partners, the side event will focus on the development and roles of bio-enterprises through endogenous ...

Side Event
COP 10

Sustainable Infrastructure Development consistent with biodiversity conservation in Japan

Japanese approaches (experiences and techniques) for harmonizing development and biodiversity will be presented to formulate agreements on the Revised Strategic Plan of the Convention. Japan has experienced environmental problems caused by rapid development, and has solved them through various ...

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