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Submitting Entity IUCN The World Conservation Union
Main Information
Title Establishing Payments for Watershed Services
Description Water as a good, a service or a right, is more and more frequently put forward as a major 
challenge in our globalised world. We are putting our water resources under increasing pressure 
and we need to address how we deal with this extra stress on our environment. When we add 
our desire for social equity, economic yield and environmental accountability – the problem 
becomes extremely complex. 
To pay or to compensate for environmental services – how to do this and who has to do it – 
is not yet fully incorporated into the present models of water management. Today we urgently 
need new and innovative ideas, tools and ways of working to finance the protection of our 
water resources. We need to obtain positive, sustainable results which guarantee effective, environmental 
management of water supplies. 
This guide attempts to define a roadmap for the creation of economic mechanisms and tools 
that relate development to conservation, agricultural and industrial production, and the increasing 
urbanization of our landscapes.
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Additional Information
Authors Mark Smith, Dolf de Groot, Ger Bergkamp
Ecosystems Inland Waters Biodiversity
Regions Global
Incentive Measures Positive Incentives (subsidies, tax breaks, ...)
Keywords Conservation payments
Voluntary approaches
Support payment
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Environment Programme