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Title Guide for Identifying, Assessing and Reporting on Subsidies in the Fisheries Sector (FAO)
Description FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 438 consists of ten chapters and three appendixes. 
After a brief introduction to the background of the document, the Guide starts in 
chapter 2 by explaining to the reader how it should be used. In chapter 3, it discusses 
how to prepare for a study of fishery subsidies. Then, before getting into more detailed 
advice on the study itself, a discussion follows on “what is a fisheries subsidy?” and 
“what are the various categories of subsidies?” in chapters 4 and 5. This part of the 
document is directed at those who are not familiar with the issues surrounding subsidies 
in fisheries. Chapter 6 is the core of the Guide. Here the reader is exposed to the use 
of different assessment methods. The emphasis is on how to determine the government 
cost – or revenue – and the value to the industry of a subsidy. The value of a subsidy 
to the industry is reflected in costs and earnings it causes. Chapter 7 discusses the 
measurement of these factors in further detail. The following chapter deals with the 
relative importance of fishery subsidies and gives ideas with regard to how comparative 
analyses can be carried out. The final two chapters discuss reporting and also give a 
summary of the Guide. 
Appendixes I and II present respectively a Glossary and a review of other subsidy 
classifications. Appendix III lists additional examples of possible subsidies under 
different categories.
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Additional Information
Ecosystems Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Regions Global
Incentive Measures Reform of Perverse Incentives
Keywords Subsidy reform
Environmental subsidies
Fishery policies
Fishery resources
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  • United Nations Environment Programme