2019-2020 inter-sessional period

Global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism

In decision NP-3/13 on the global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism, the Parties to the Protocol considered that more information would assist in the consideration of Article 10.

The COP-MOP invited Parties, other Governments, indigenous peoples and local communities, relevant stakeholders and organizations to submit to the Executive Secretary: (a) information on specific cases which may support the need for a global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism that are not covered under the bilateral approach, accompanied by an explanation as to why such cases cannot be covered under the bilateral approach set out in the Nagoya Protocol; and (b) options for possible modalities for addressing those cases, including through a global multilateral benefit-sharing mechanism.

Furthermore, COP-MOP requested the Executive Secretary to commission, subject to availability of resources, a peer-reviewed study to identify specific cases of genetic resources and traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources that occur in transboundary situations or for which it is not possible to grant or obtain prior informed consent.

The study and the compilation and synthesis of the information submitted will be considered by the Subsidiary Body on Implementation, at its third meeting, with a view to make a recommendation on the way forward to the next meeting of the Parties to the Protocol.

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