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Question Number 1. No
Explanation: In the” document 1” where the obstacles are addressed, some of the listed issues are not clearly stated. Take for instance part II: the obstacles are not only unclear pathways and methods for collaboration and coordination. There are key obstacles that affect the collaboration between countries, international institutions etc.
I think, it is advisable to solve the root cause for mismanagement and unsustainable use of biodiversity. In this regard, I’m proposing to add the following points to make the issue more complete:

I. Capacity Constraints
a. Policy overlaps, omissions and contradictions
b. Poor understanding the intrinsic and other non-economic values of biological diversity at all levels

II. Weak collaboration and coordination
a. Lack of international enforcement bind with law to avoid biopiracy and other illegal ways to hunt biodiversity components

b. Absence of multilateral agreement on management and use of transboundary biodiversity

c Lack of interdisciplinary cooperation

III. Gaps in Scientific and Technical knowledge
a. Poor cooperation between researchers ad biodiversity users

V. Other constraints
a. Poor policies that encourage over production with preserve incentives that undermine the conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity
b. Unsustainable practices and managements of biological diversity
c. Poor economic incentives to indigenous and local communities who are involved in management of biodiversity components
d. Lack of consideration of local customs and traditions in legislation and regulations
posted on 2008-01-31 09:14 UTC by Dr. Genene Tefera, Institute of Biodiversity Conservation (IBC)
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