Discussion forum on DSI policy options

Discussion forum on proposed policy options and criteria framework for Digital Sequence Information on Genetic Resources (April 21 to May 2, 2021)

Welcome to the online discussion forum on policy options and criteria framework for Digital Sequence Information on Genetic Resources. This informal online discussion forum is organized by the Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity, under the leadership of the Co-Chairs of the Open-Ended Working Group of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework to offer participants an opportunity to:

  • Exchange information and views on DSI policy options and criteria;
  • To propose new policy options and criteria;
  • To discuss the proposed policy options considering the criteria

Key principles and code of conduct:

  1. This online discussion forum is informal and not part of the DSI process mandated at COP14
  2. It is open to all stakeholders wishing to share their views and suggestions
  3. Discussion threads may be monitored by SCBD facilitators to provide information as necessary and ensure a constructive and respectful exchange of ideas
  4. The postings should be relevant to the threads, and kept brief, concise, and focused
  5. Participants should respect the opinions of others. Alternative points of view for opposing ideas should be posted in a respectful and constructive manner. Please refer to the CBD guidelines for online forums (Terms of Use (cbd.int))
  6. The discussions will be conducted primarily in English

Participation in the Forum is open to Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Protocols and other biodiversity-related conventions, relevant organizations, indigenous peoples and local communities and stakeholders, including youth and women organizations actively involved in the generation, collection, management and exchange of biodiversity-related data, information and knowledge.

By taking part in the Forum, participants authorize the Secretariat to make all or part of their postings to the Forum publicly available and to synthesize and disseminate the views shared as part of any document(s) to be prepared by the Secretariat. The information collected and synthesized will not be attributed to any specific person.

In case you are unable to participate in the Forum but wish to provide input, please complete and send your comments to dsi-forum@cbd.int before the forum closes.

Participants must be signed-in to their CBD account to post messages on the Forum.

Webinar summaries:

Discussion forum on policy options for digital sequence information (DSI) on genetic resources.

The online discussion forum is now closed. The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity would like to thank all participants for their active participation. The points and ideas from this discussion will be communicated to the co-chairs of the Open-Ended Working Group on post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Forum closed. No more comments will be accepted on this forum.