Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

Executive Summary

A short executive summary document which summarizes the main findings of GBO-3. This document is available in the in: ArabicChineseEnglishFrenchSpanishRussian, German  and Japanese

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Figures and Tables

All the figures and tables used in the report in both jpeg and illustrator format: download

PowerPoint Presentation

A short PowerPoint presentation on the main findings of GBO-3: download

Action for Biodiversity Brochure

A brochure based on information gathered during the preparation of GBO-3 illustrating the actions taken by Governments and other stakeholders towards the three objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
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Regional Summaries

Regional summaries of the state of biodiversity have been prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme as a compliment to Global Biodiversity Outlook 3. Summaries have been prepared for Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and West Asia.

Annotated Version of GBO3

For ease of readability, references have not been included in GBO-3 however an annotated version of the report, showing the various sources information used in preparing GBO-3, is available.

Case Study Database

In preparing GBO-3 numerous case studies were gathered. Some of these were collected from the National Reports provided by Parties while others were submitted during the peer review process of GBO-3. These case studies have been compiled in a database. Case studies can also be submitted through the case study portal.

Discussion with Prof. Lovejoy

The Technical Series Reports which were considered in preparing GBO-3

Good Practice Guidelines

The Good Practice Guidelines which were considered in preparing GBO-3

Press Releases

press release related to GBO-3 (also available in Arabic,Chinese, FrenchRussian and Spanish).

GBO3 Video

Guide for SIDS

GBO-3 Guide for SIDS: A Guide to GBO-3 for Small Island Developing States (SIDS). This document is available inEnglishFrench and Spanish.

Discussion with Prof. Lovejoy

Press Clippings

GBO-3 received global media coverage when it was launched on May 10, 2010. A compilation of this coverage has been prepared.

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