Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

About GBO-3

Information Database

The GBO-3 Information Database contains information relevant to the production of Global Biodiversity Outlook 3. While the information contained in the database will be used for the preparation of GBO-3, the database can also be considered as one of the ancillary products related to the GBO-3 process. The information contained in the database is classified according to several criteria such that it can be easily managed and retrieved. We are currently in the process of adding information to the database. To search the database please click here.

If you have or know of any information or case studies which you feel should be included in the database or in Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 we strongly encourage you to submit them. To submit a case study you will first need to create an account (if you do not already have one) and sign in.

A variety of scientific articles, from multiple disciplines, have also been consulted in preparing Global Biodiversity Outlook 3. A list of these references can be found here and we invite you to draw our attention to any relevant articles we have not yet consulted.