Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

Global Biodiversity Outlook 3

About GBO-3

National action

The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity depends on actions by all stakeholders. At the national level national biodiversity strategies and action plans (NBSAPs) are the primary tool for planning action, implementing the provisions under the Convention and for mainstreaming biodiversity into the sectors. National reports serve to assess the progress made in implementation by reviewing status and trends of biodiversity at national level and analyzing the effectiveness of action taken at national level.

GBO-3 draws on third and fourth national reports submitted by Parties as well as other project reports and case studies which have been included in a searchable database. Several of these case studies have been compilled into a brochure - Action for Biodiversity - to illustrate some of the actions which have been taken in implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The conclusions of GBO-3 will form the basis of the discussions on the future Strategy under the Convention as well as determining national actions and strategies required to address biodiversity loss and secure the continued provision of ecosystem services.