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The state of Sikkim organized a three day celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity. The event began with a two day trek through the Khangchendzonga National park. The participants visited Khechupalri Lake where they were met by local representatives to discuss the value and importance of the lake to the local community. The conservation techniques that are being used to preserve the area were also explained to the participants. Participants then made their way to Yuksam where they were guided through the area by Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee members. Subsequently, participants partook in a workshop in which they were asked to come up with conservation strategies. Throughout the celebration, an emphasis was placed on ecotourism and local conservation. Read more.

The Living Planet Foundation has commissioned a series of paintings to honour the International Day for Biodiversity.
  Sri Ramachandra - Divine Spirit of Nature
Artist: Sai Arjun
Inscription: Let us adore the Lord of Life, who is present in fire, water, plants and trees. Shvetashvatara Upanishad, II, 17

  Siva: The Divine Nature Within
Artist: Sai Arjun
Inscriptions: The earth seems to rest in silent meditation;
and the waters and the sky and the heavens seem all to be in meditation."
"On Earth, those who reach greatness achieve it through concentration."

  Ganga: Goddess of the Sacred Rivers
Artist: Sai Arjun
Inscription: I am the shark among fishes, and Ganga among the rivers. Bhagvad Gita

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