International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2014 - Islands and Biodiversity



  The IDB2014 logo is available in Albanian

  Flag-shape Pine tree at Llogara National Park, 21 May 2014
The MCPA/UNDP project in Albania, working with the GEF/UNDP programme, for the improvement of coverage and management effectiveness of Albanian MCPA areas, piloting at the MCPA of Sazan-Karaburuni (south-east Albanian coast) is organizing a full agenda for the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) 2014 celebrations, and part of this is the is a ceremonial watering of the Flag-shape Pine tree at Llogara National Park, just adjacent area of the MCPA Sazan-Karaburuni. This tree is a nature monument with lots of history, and with great significance for the local community, and even nationwide.

This activity is part of The Green Wave.

IDB Celebrations in Orikum, 22 May 2014
Celebrations of the International Day for Biological Diversity planed from the project on Marine Protected Areas will target at the schools and community groups and will intend addressing the main message ‘islands and biodiversity’, in close cooperation with Ministry of Environment, Municipality of Orikum and Regional Education Office and Local NGOs. The activities will start with Bicycle tour competitions, along the coast and city center, with visual branding of Ministry of Environment, UNDP, IDB and Marine Park Karaburun-Sazani, significant submarine biota pictures; it will be followed with exposition /picture competition, Olympiad and kayak competition in collaboration with Orikumi schools. It will be further taken to a Gastronomic hour. A documentary film prepared for this purpose will be also played at a suitable time frame.

  Workshop on Biodiversity, 22 May 2014, Tirana
The Albanian Ministry of Environment and the EU-funded project SELEA are organising a Workshop on Biodiversity on 22 May in Tirana. This workshop gives the possibility to the international and national actors on biodiversity in Albania to meet, and to present their respective projects, from the Island of Sazan, to the Albanian Alps region. Find out more ->

This activity is also organised in the frame of the Environmental Film Festival in Albania, 17-24 May 2014.