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  国連大学 国際生物多様性の日シンポジウム「つながりと個性を活かした 自然と共生する島づくり」を開催, 2014年5月22日, 東京
Public Symposium on the International Day for Biological Diversity: Thriving with Nature on Islands: Leveraging Their Multifaceted and Interconnected Characteristics (event in Japanese only), 22 May 2014, Tokyo
Japan consists of many islands, large and small. Through presentations and discussions, this symposium will serve as an opportunity to raise public awareness of biodiversity and the important roles people, culture, and nature play on islands. The symposium will include a keynote lecture, case reports, and a panel discussion on how to thrive with nature, leveraging multifaceted and interconnected characteristics of islands. More information / 詳細については.


  Symposium on Green Tree Retention and Conservation of Biodiversity, 26 April 2014, Kaderu 2.7 Hall, Sapporo
Green-tree retention (GTR) is a technique to leave live trees on cut areas in order to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem services, and has been practised in various parts of the world. However, effects of GTR have not been evaluated in purely man-made forests.

In this symposium, we give an introduction to a large-scale experiment of GTR in artificial fir stands (Abies sachaliensis), which was launched last year in prefectural forests of Hokkaido, as a joint research program. Besides, several talks will be given on practices for conservation of biodiversity/ecosystem services in forestry in Japan.

For more information please contact Shun'ichi Makino, Hokkaido Research Center, phone: 011-851-5184