Convention on Biological Diversity

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Title Tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10)
Venue Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, 18 - 29 October 2010
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Event title Sustainable use of Wild Plants
Event Description More than 50,000 medicinal and aromatic plants(MAP) species are used globally, especially for those in developing countries both in terms of their of their own health purpose and their income resource. However, at the same time, 20% of MAP species are endangered due to over-harvesting and land conversion. This seminar aims to improve the awareness on this issue based on TRAFFIC case study and to propose the utilization of guidelines for sustainable wild plant resource use. Tentative agenda is consisted of three parts: 1. Value of the wild plants species in use-case study from China, Upper Yangtze Basin: Introduction of the evalution case study on the economical value of the wild plants species in use. 2. Wise use of the plants-talks from wise people for Nature: Invited talk on traditional wild plants use and its importance for local livelihood by world's 'wise men'. (Leaders/chiefs/doctors of indigenous peoples from Africa, Brazil, and Tibet will be invited to this session.) 3. Fairwild Standard Guidelines-for sustainable use of wild MAP's: Introduction of guidelines for sustainable wild harvesting and use of MAP's ('Fairwild Standard'), which should contribute to selected targets of CBD's Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) as well as ABS principles.
Organization and Contact Person
Organization TRAFFIC East-Asia Japan
Organization Address Shiba 3-1-14, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Acronym or short name TRAFFIC
Contact Person Ms Kahoru Kanari
Job Title Programme Officer
Phone 81-3-3769-1716
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Approved date/time 22/10/2010 18:15
Room/Level Room 234A - Bldg 2 - 3rd Floor
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