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ANIEC 2010 - Question 5

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What should be done to ensure the success of COP 10?

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Ensuring success [#797]
To ensure the success of COP 2010, everyone should demonstrate commitment and respect for every proposal and motion done in the benefit of our world.

Commitment also from delegates and representatives to people by making decisions that will mark our world in a good way. Respect from them toward us as a show of conciousness and sympathy.
posted on 2010-04-14 13:48 UTC by Mss. Fabiola Hernández, Colegio San Patricio
RE: Ensuring success [#963]
Connection between people and goverment is crucial, more chance and time should be provided for building good relationship to ensure success of COP10 as well as further conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
posted on 2010-06-20 13:45 UTC by Aya Terasawa

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