2021 Singapore Index on Cities’ Biodiversity out now

The Singapore Index is the most comprehensive index on cities’ biodiversity.

The updated and revised Singapore Index on Cities’ Biodiversity, published in September 2021, includes wider coverage of the services biodiversity and ecosystems provide to people. It also simplifies measuring and evaluation tools and enhances advice on the application of its expanded series of indicators. 

The Singapore Index, launched in 2008 and part of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) Technical Series, has been used by many cities around the world to evaluate and monitor the progress of their biodiversity conservation efforts, and will assist cities in implementing the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.

Covering a broad range of indicators such as native biodiversity, ecosystem services and the governance and management of biodiversity, cities which have applied the Index, have found the framework useful in building their capabilities in biodiversity conservation, setting priorities for conservation actions and budget allocation.

Recognizing the critical role of urbanization in the fifth Global Biodiversity Outlook, metrics for the management of the manifold impact of cities on biodiversity and vice-versa will be critical in the years to come. Even beyond the foreseen direct impacts of the expansion of cities and human settlements, affecting over 15 per cent of all biodiversity hotspots and key areas over the next ten years, the footprint and urban-rural linkages of the consolidated production and consumption of conurbations globally is several times larger. 

The Singapore Index remains the most comprehensive index on this topic. 

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