International Youth Day -- 12 August 2021

The theme of International Youth Day 2021 is “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”.


The work of the Convention on Biological Diversity has been greatly enriched by youth. From their involvement in global decision-making to community actions, youth have become full partners in the fight against biodiversity loss. They are partners with vivid minds and unique perspectives, who can help define strategic priorities and implement creative solutions.

To enable youth to engage to their full potential, our formal institutions need to create the enabling conditions for youth.

Under the Convention on Biological Diversity, such enabling conditions take various forms. Youth can be invited by governments to join their delegations in official meetings; they participate in technical meetings; they receive in-kind or financial support to implement projects; and they get recognition for their work. 

Providing support to youth is not only an investment towards a world where we live in harmony with nature, but also in our institutions, better governance, sustainable development, gender and social equity.


Nature-Based Solutions Youth Consultation Survey

The Global Youth Biodiversity Network, YOUNGO, and Youth4Nature are teaming up to develop a unified Youth Position Statement on “Nature-based Solutions”, in order to make sure that the youth voice is heard within the growing Nature-based Solutions (NbS) discussion that is currently happening largely without us. The results from this survey will contribute to this final statement, in order to better capture the views of young people around the world.

This survey is important because it will

  • help to support youth in their nature and climate advocacy efforts that align with justice and systemic change,
  • further connect youth across biodiversity and climate movements, and
  • help create spaces for youth within global nature and climate decision-making.

Click here to take the survey



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