Biodiversity Day Celebrations in Bhutan

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Inaugurating the Biodiversity Interpretation Centre


9:00 am (Bhutan Standard Time)


National Biodiversity Centre (NBC), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in collaboration with UNDP-Bhutan will be inaugurating the Biodiversity Interpretation Centre at the Royal Botanical Garden Serbithang, which is a one-stop hub that provides an overview of Bhutan’s biodiversity. The term “interpretation” broadly refers to educational activities used in places like zoos, museums, heritage sites and national parks, to tell visitors about the significance or meaning of what they are experiencing. In addition, Bhutan Biodiversity Portal User Manual will also be launched to mark the day. The User Manual will provide step-by-step guidance to the registered users of the Portal. Currently, the portal has more than 65,000 observations uploaded by 1,700 registered users. Bhutan Biodiversity Portal is an online one-stop platform for Bhutan’s biodiversity information.


National Biodiversity Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Thimphu, Bhutan

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