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Special cover released by @IndiaPostOffice & the National Biodiversity Authority


22 May, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Official Celebration

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the National Biodiversity Authority celebrated of the International Day for Biological Diversity 2022 on Sunday, May 22, 2022 at 10:00 hrs at Kalaivanar Arangam, Chepauk, Chennai.

Programme: Web version | Print version

Biodiversity Day was celebrated by more than 1000 delegates especially representatives from the grassroots level Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs). Over 277,000 BMCs have been established in the country in the last 3 years.

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Release of Special Cover, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

The HMEF, Shri @byadavbjp revealed a Special cover released by @IndiaPostOffice & the National Biodiversity Authority at Chennai, today. The Special cover contains the Indian logo for the International Day for Biological Diversity in the 75th Year of Indian Independence. Watch video



Report on the celebrations of the International Day for Biological Diversity 2022 in Assam, India

Organizer: Assam State Biodiversity Board

Title: Building a shared future for all life, 22 May 2022

Celebrated all over Assam involving Biodiversity Management Committees, Universities and NGOs and through an online campaign from Assam State Biodiversity Board, HQ, Guwahati.

Read the report

EastMojo article



Centre for Tropical Biodiversity Conservation (CTBC India)

Report on celebrations of Biodiversity Day 2022, Andhra Pradesh

Report on Biodiversity Day 2022 activities


11-22 May 2022, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Short Video Making Contest                

Participants have to record a maximum 5 minutes video on ‘Wetland and its Biodiversity’ they are visiting and talk about the biodiversity they witness at the time of recording. Upload the video with credits and a description of maximum 1000 words and the last date of receiving the entries is 22nd May 2022.                 

Websites: ENVIS Centre | Envis on Twitter              

Resource Partner on Wetland Ecosystems including Inland Wetlands,
Anaikatty, Coimbatore - 641 108.
Dr. Goldin Quadros,
Principal Scientist & ENVIS Coordinator;;
Te.: 0422 2203129

10-22 May 2022, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Awareness campaign: Online Elocution Competition on the theme “Building a shared future for all life

As a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) and Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB), ENVIS Resource Partner on Forest Genetic Resources and Tree Improvement at IFGTB, Coimbatore, is organizing an Online Elocution Competition on the theme “Building a shared future for all life” in connection with the International Day for Biological Diversity 2022. The competition is open to all. Participants can submit their elocution in English to on or before 19.05.2022. E-certificate shall be awarded to all the participants.

Website: ENVIS Resource Partner on Forest Genetic Resources and Tree Improveme

22 May 2022, Hyderabad, Telangana

Walking the tightrope                

Celebrating Biodiversity Day (22nd May)

Deccan Amalgam invites architecture students for a charade 'Walking the tightrope' to contemplate on how designers can assume a balancing act to engage human made with that which has existed for eternity-- 'nature'. The talk will include a small presentation of our conceptual musings followed by an open discussion session on how architects and designers can imagine alternate realities to help conserve, protect and restore biodiversity in urban contexts. "                

Website: Deccan Amalgam on Instagram - Walking the tightrope

22 May 2022, Gaya, Bihar

Webinar: Importance of biodiversity, emerging biodiversity crisis and need of conservation

A total of six virtual lecture will be take place during the webinar on multiple aspects of importance of biodiversity, biodiversity law and biodiversity networking. Vice chair South East Asia IUCN CEESP, GYBN: IYBN National Focal Coordinator and Head of two institution are invited for key note lecture.                

Website: Webinar registration form for the webinar   

Mohammad Danish Masroor, (GYBN: IYBN),

22 May 2022, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Biodiversity Day Celebration on WhatsApp

Since 2012 I am creating, organizing and conducting eco-awareness programmes for school and college students. Due to the pandemic, this year's activity will take place on WhatsApp. The activity is intended for  group members from Teachers, Students, Forest Officers, NGO's, Youth Clubs, Media Persons, Friends, Families, Civil Society Members and Farmer Group Members. Please contact for details.

D. Arulkumar,
Tamil Nadu Forest Department

22 May 2022, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Jaivvividhta Jagrukta Abhiyan 2022

A rally with local community members in a Bhopal neighbourhood. Followed by painting competition.

Website : Samvedna on Facebook

A Society For Global Concerns
Tel.: 9893433197



22 May 2022, Ajmer

Nature Walk: To understand the role of urban landscape in aviafaunal conservation     

@mayoorschoolajmerofficial Mayoor School, Ajmer in collaboration with #MayoCollege
organised a nature walk through the lush green campus housing waterbodies, gardens, canopy of trees and its a wonderful place for observing biodiversity. With a aim to connect the people with the concept of Building a shared future for all life,  the activity aims at creating awareness among the people to admire the beauty of all flora and fauna around us. The walk was approximately 6 km  long and a lot of avian biodiversity was observed and documented.

Videos are available on the official instagram handle of Mayo college,ajmer (mayocollegeofficial) and  Mayoor School, Ajmer ( insta handle ; mayoorschoolajmerofficial) and on the instagram handle of Mrs. Akansha Verma - (booksbirdsandrain)

Nature walk flyer

Websites (Instagram): #mayocollegeajmer | #booksbirdsandrain | #mayoorschoolajmerofficial |

Akansha Verma,
Incharge Biology (Ornithology) Club,
Faculty Biology, Mayoor School,
Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

22 May 2022, Ajmer

Field Trail to Document Avian Biodiversity : Nature Walk                

Mayo College, Ajmer  is known for its lush green Campus having a wide variety of Biodiversity (Flora and Fauna). Various Water bodies and the dense tree canopy between the concrete buildings provide support and habitat to vide variety of birds. the absence of traffic and other threats the campus is a heaven for the birds amidst the city. We planned a visit to mark the celebrations of International day of Biological Biodiversity. Binoculars, Cameras and walk through the habitat to document the avian Fauna                

Websites (Instagram): #booksbirdsandrain               

Akansha Verma,
Incharge Biology (Ornithology) Club,
Faculty Biology, Mayoor School,
Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

22 May 2022, 11:00 - 04:00 PM (IST GMT+05:30 INDIA), Online

International webinar on biological diversity, animal welfare, emotional intelligence, health, wellbeing and sustainable development 2022 (iwbdaweihwsd-2022)    

Free Registration, Participation and E-Certificate | Webinar Joining Link
Zoom Meeting ID : 389 891 7165 | Passcode: 269Q3W

Topics Covered : Recent Trends in Biological Diversity, One Health, Animal Welfare, Freedom of Speech & Expression, Emotions, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Quotient, Assessment, Pets, Youth, Companion Animals, Farm Animals, Wild Life, Animal Laws, Compassion, Citizen Journalism, Participatory Journalism, Peace, Harmony, Sustainable Careers, Sustainable Development, One Health, Well-being, Others….
International Webinar Series on Holistic Health, Well Being & Sustainable Development (IWSHHWBSD-2022)

Sri Research Institute and Centre for Arts, Sciences & Wellbeing (SRICASW)
SRI Holiistic Health Foundation India (SHHFI) &
SRI Research Institute and Centre for Arts, Sciences & Wellbeing (SRICASW)

20-23 May 2022, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh

International Biodiversity Fest 2022

The event is divided into three branches: Photography contest, Article Writing Contest, and Conservation Story Telling Contest. The best one will get a prize award and certificate. 

Focal theme "Building a shared future for all life"
Sub-Themes: 1- Biodiversity, Human wellbeing and Sustainable Development. 2- Tools and Solutions for Mitigating Loss in Biodiversity 3- Conservation of Biodiversity by Meeting Peoples Needs 4- Milestones and Goals in Ecosystem, Species, and Genetic Biodiversity 5- Living in Harmony with Nature

Submit your entry to
The winning prize will be of 1000 rupees in each category.

Root To Apex Upcoming Events
Root To Apex Online Event: Biodiversity Fest 2022

Navneet Shukla
Tel.: +917755830821

23 May 2022, Kottayam

Petrichor 2K22                

A webinar on the biodiversity day 2022. A talk is organised on the theme.                


Dr. Mahesh Mohan,
School of Environmental Sciences,
Mahatma Gandhi University,
Kottayam, Kerala-686560


Past celebrations

19 May 2022, Jaipur

Competitions based on Biodiversity topics                

The Quiz competition and Poster making competition will be organized among Undergraduate and Post Graduate students of JECRC University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Shivangi Mishra
Assistant Professor of Zoology,
JECRC University,
Jaipur, Rajasthan,

20 May 2022, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

In-house Quiz Competition

As a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) and Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB) and in connection with the International Day for Biological Diversity 2022, ENVIS Resource Partner on Forest Genetic Resources and Tree Improvement at IFGTB, Coimbatore, is organizing an In-house Quiz Competition for IFGTBians on 20.05.2022. The competition is open to all the members of IFGTB. Interested persons (Individual/group registration) are requested to register with the IFGTB ENVIS by 18.05.2022. The prize shall be awarded to the winners and certificates to all the participants.

Website: ENVIS Resource Partner on Forest Genetic Resources and Tree Improvement

21 May 2022, Hyderabad

బాబుల్ ద్వారా జీవవైవిధ్య దినోత్సవం 2022                

Screening of Biodiversity films for students and bio-Quiz
సంబంధిత అధిక నాణ్యత గల చిత్రాలను ప్రదర్శించడం మరియు ప్రశ్నోత్తరాలలో విద్యార్థులను నిమగ్నం చేయడం ద్వారా జీవవైవిధ్యం యొక్క ప్రాముఖ్యతను వివరించారు. పాల్గొనే వారందరికీ స్నాక్స్‌తో పాటు బయోడైవర్సిటీ క్విజ్ నిర్వహించబడుతుంది."                

Facebook: Babulfilms NGO | Film Screnings

Gangadhar Panday
Babul Films Society NGO
Te.: +91-961 88 2288

12-21 May 2022, Dehradun

Photography Contest: “Nature Without Biodiversity”, "Nature With Biodiversity"             

Online Photography Contest on the theme Nature Without Biodiversity & Nature With Biodiversity                

Website: Photography Contest leaflet on Facebook | Registration form

Envis Resource Partner,
'Wildlife And Protected Areas',
Wildlife Institute of India,
Chandrabani, Dehradun (Uttarakhand)



14 April - 13 May 2022

National Level Competition: IDB 2022

From the National Biodiversity Authority


Website: National Biodiversity Authority

National Biodiversity Authority
5th Floor, TICEL Bio Park
CSIR, Road, Taramani
Chennai - 600 113
Tel: +91-44-2254 1805


New Delhi

22 May-

8 June


“Celebrating Biodiversity” Lock-down 2.0 Special Online Festival

New Delhi

10 am IST


On the eve of World Biodiversity Day, CMS VATAVARAN in collaboration with the High Commission of Canada in India, and #LeadtheGreenChange campaign of Delegation of European Union to India (EUDEL), is organizing environmental awareness online festival entitled “Celebrating Biodiversity: Lockdown 2.0”. The virtual festival focuses on biodiversity, climate change and environmental issues with the aim to inspire and encourage everyone to take action, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The 18-days long celebration will present number of online activities, including daily Award-winning film screenings followed by questions and answers sessions with filmmakers and environmentalists; Webinar; Workshop; online Quiz competition and a special Session with the Oscar winner Swati Thiyagarajan. There will be 35 award winning national and international films will be screened, daily online live Q&A session with the Filmmaker will also be organised at 5pm IST. On World Biodiversity day, May 22 at 3 pm, online panel discussion on “Covid-19 or the pandemic of abused biodiversity”, half day workshop on the topic of “COVID-19: Understanding the challenges and the solutions of the new world for education’s frontline workers” is scheduled on 04 June, 2021, to celebrate the WED on June 5, 2021, an online inter-school environmental quiz competition will be organised and on the eve of World Ocean Day that is 08 June, a special online session from 3pm onwards, with Swati Thiyagarajan


P N Vasanti, PhD DG, CMS,

Cell- 09899979170

ph: 011 26864020

fax: 011 26968282 


Mr. Sabyesachi Bharti, Deputy Director

CMS VATAVARAN Saket Community Centre, New Delhi- 110 017, INDIA

Cell: 91-8826689218/9818367459


Andhra Pradesh


Biodiversity assessment: Information to Conservation' Live Lecture and Interaction


4pm-5.30pm local time IST


Students and Research Scholars in Botany need continuous updating on the application of modern technologies for biodiversity studies and conservation strategies by independent Scientists, Scientific agencies / organisations, Government institutions and the Policy makers.
With this in view, the Department of Botany, Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh, India, has been organising several programs viz, training workshops, Seminars / Conferences, Guest Talks, Field visits, Study tours etc, at regular intervals,
Taking this year's theme the Department of Botany is organizing an Invited Lecture, in association with a Botanists Group where more than 200 Botanists are expected to join from all over India




Nannaya News TV


Dr. Vanapalli Padmavathi

Asst. Professor Department of Botany

Adikavi Nannaya University

Rajamahendravaram - 533296, Andhra Pradesh, India 09989662947



22 May 2021

We are part of the Solution # For Nature


Report on State level online programs organized for celebrating the International DAy for Biological Diversity 2021 event (PDF)

Short version (PDF)

Contact details asbb
  Assam State Biodiversity Board, Guwahati, in collaboration with the National Biodiversity Authority




Citizen Science: We're part of the solution


10am IST


1. Objective of the Program
To bring about awareness regarding Citizen Science, bring people closer to nature and help them contribute to Biodiversity issues, which is one of the key initiatives of RK University.

2. Brief description of the program
Mr. Karan Thakkar, a notable naturalist from Bhavnagar University, delivered a detailed talk on how one can become a citizen scientist through "iNaturalist".
Mr. Dhaval Vargiya, PhD scholar of RK University and a dynamic environmentalist, delivered an inspirational talk on "eBird" and how a common citizen can make his/her hobby a part of the biodiversity solution.




Dr. Devang Pandya, Dy. Director, School of Pharmacy, RK University

IDB 2021 India event 3




Webinar on Biodiversity and Health


10:00am - 12:30pm Indian Standard Time (GMT +05:30) Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala


WEBINAR on BIODIVERSITY AND HEALTH Organised by International Biodiversity Congress (IBC) of Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), Navdanya and University of Kerala have world-renowned speakers such as Dr Vandana Shiva (topic: Biodiversity is Health: From Soil, to Plants, to our Gut Microbiome), Prof. K. Srinath Reddy
President, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI),(topic: Biodiversity Will Define The Future Of Global Health), Dr GG Gangadharan (Biodiversity and One Health: An Ayurvedic Perspective) and Dr Shalini Dhayani (Nature-based Solutions for healthy ecosystem and human-well being)


International Biodiversity Congress (IBC) and CISSA

Watch IBC WEBINAR on BIODIVERSITY AND HEALTH by Biodiversity Congress






Mumbai 10 AM on May 21, 2021 to 10 PM on May 22, 2021 - India time (GMT-5.30)
  Mumbai biodiversity has been constantly under attack. Wetlands, mangroves and hills are being destroyed under the garb of urban and infrastructure development. Nature has been giving us warning signals, yet we have been ignoring it. It is high time for the people to wake up, stand up and speak up for Nature. Come, let's raise raise the voice: #MumBiodiversityBachao. Join our online campaign.,

B N Kumar, Editor/Director, NatConnect Foundation

Ph +919820128332



Guest Lecture on Youth in the Urban Biodiversity Documentation and Conservation


11:00 am IST (GMT+5:30)


Due to the restrictions imposed because fo Covid-19 pandemic, Environment Protection Cell & Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Shri Mathuradas Mohota College of Science, Nagpur is organising a talk by Dr. Amit Setiya, a conservationist working as Biodiversity & Conservation Program Manager, Conservation Research and Nature Education Society
(CRANES), Gadchiroli M.S, India. He would interact with the students and make them aware about their contribution towards biodiversity conservation.




Ms. Shamali D. Khalatkar

IDB india event 1


20- 22


हम समाधान का हिस्सा हैं

Nagpur 6 PM (IST)

हम समाधान का हिस्सा हैं

Steps you have to follow to join our campaign:-

1. Fill the form below before 4 PM of 22-05-2021
2. You all will get a campaign link in your email
3. Join the campaign link at 5 PM on 22-05-2021
4. In this campaign "Mahesh Mankar" will give you important awareness on Biological Diversity and will explain how you are an important part of the solution
5. Q&A Round
6. Vote of thanks

Please send this link to everyone and be the part of this global campaign. Let us all stand together to save our Biological Diversity.
Contact Mahesh Mankar - +919049010005



Webinar on International Day for Biological Diversity 2021

Jodhpur and Jhunjhunu

10.00 AM IST


The Wildlife Research and Conservation Awareness Centre is established at JNV University, Jodhpur for conservation and management of key wild fauna in Thar Desert and Aravalli range. The centre is going to organize a webinar on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day - 2021 at WRCAC, JNVU, Jodhpur, Rajasthan with collaboration of PG Department of Zoology, Seth G. B. Podar College Nawalgarh Jhunjhunu.


Dr Dau Lal Bohra

Dr Hemsingh Gehlot 

Wildlife Research and Conservation Awareness Centre is established at JNV University,

Tamil Nadu

6-21 May-2021

Short Film Competition on Biodiversity


Online Event


The short films should have been shot during 2021. Films can be up to 5 minutes.




SACON ENVIS Resource Partner

On the occasion of #BiodiversityDay to be held on 22 May 2021, SACON ENVIS RP and Jammu & Kashmir ENVIS Hub together conducting Short Film Competition on the theme #biodiversity under "Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat" scheme. @SACONCoimbatore @moefcc @UNBiodiversity @ENVISIndia

— SACON ENVIS (@EnvisSacon) May 6, 2021



Digital Biodiversity Bootcamp

  Online event for students of standards 8 and 9 to deliberate on the conservation challenges they foresee for their favorite animals and suggested interventions, organized on the occasion of the UN International Day of Biological Diversity. Submissions have been received from over 50 schools from all over India and the evaluations by a team of naturalists from the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, Green Guard Nature Organization and Climate Reality India are underway. The 10 best submissions will be presented live by the students before a panel of eminent naturalists during the bootcamp with rewards for the best and certificates for all participants.
Contact Sanctuary Nature Foundation, The Climate Reality Project India & Green Guard Nature Organization


IDB 2021 India event 2


For celebrations between 2002 and 2020, please visit the individual pages.