Biodiversity Day Celebrations in the Netherlands

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22 May 2022, 10 am to 2 pm, Bonaire

At the Lac Cai in Bonaire “The Great Biodiversity Day Event”

Learn more about the mangroves, birds, fish, turtles, donkeys, local plants, Loras, coral and the reef, bats and much more. Meet the many volunteers and professionals that work on the strengthening and conservation of biodiversity on our island. Watch interesting videos in our movie theatre. Do a mini kayak or boat tour.

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Past celebrations


Celebrating New Signatories at the Global Biodiversity Festival


10.00 am CEST


Join the celebration of the launch of 18 new Finance for Biodiversity Pledge signatories during the Global Biodiversity Festival on Friday 21 May 10am CEST.
Philippe Zaouati, the CEO of Pledge signatory Mirova, will welcome the new signatories.
Representatives of the new signatories will explain why biodiversity is important for the finance sector and why their organization has decided to join the Pledge.



Video was launched on Friday 21 May


Finance for Biodiversity Foundation