Biodiversity Day Celebrations in Tanzania

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20-22 May 2022, Dodoma

Upandaji wa miche katika shule ya sekondari Godegode                

Zoezi hili lita husisha upandaji wa miti(miche) katika shule za sekondari zilizo zunguka eneo la mradi wa SGR - Line project (MDM)

Contact: HSE team will organize the event (yapi merkezi) | See on Google maps




Past celebrations


Youth as part of the solution for nature

Dar Es Salaam

EAT 0800 - 1200hrs


English and Swahili will be used. We will have a dialogue with the young people. The topic will be how can the young people be part of the solution for nature. About 100 students, their teacher and other members from NGOs and the forest services agency will be part of the dialogue. This will be accompanied by tree planting


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