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UNESCO Forum Living together on Earth


3:30pm -5:30pm (Paris, France)


The event, in the form of a television programme, is organised around shared stories leading to action to reconcile humans and other living beings on Earth.
The event will include a graphical facilitation. Speakers will be invited to share their relationships with the living world though 3 sessions.
The first will highlight the role of emotions with images and sounds; the second will revisit the links between humans and nature; and the last is call for action following the launch of the movement for living together on Earth by UNESCO on 24 March 2021 during it's Biodiversity forum.

Join us at 3:30 p.m. for “Living together on Earth”, a unique journey organized by UNESCO and La fabrique des récits, for the heart, mind and body. Let yourself be guided by inspiring actors from around the world committed to the preservation and regeneration of #biodiversity (experts, thinkers, artists, journalists, change makers, citizens, etc. )
Together, let's write the narrative of reconciliation between all living beings!


Manoel Giffoni

Promotional video UNESCO Forum Living Together on Earth