Activities of the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew in 2007/2008

Higher Education Training Courses provided by Kew in 2007/ 2008

January 2007: University of Kent MSc in Ethnobotany: (17 students from UK, Mexico, Canada, USA)

January 2007: Forum for the Future MProf in Leadership for Sustainable Development (University of Middlesex) (12 students from UK)

February 2007: Masters in Management, Access, Conservation and Trade of Species: The International Framework, Baeza, Spain (33 students from Uganda, Brazil, Nepal, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico, Dominica, Kenya, Togo, Thailand, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Greece and Egypt)

March 2007: Police and Customs CITES training week (approx 25 officers, all from UK)

March 2007: Imperial College MSc in Global Environmental Change and Policy: (18 students mainly UK, also USA, Germany, Italy and France)

March 2007: Complementary Therapies Seminar (79 students, mostly from UK)

March 2007: Conservation Seminar (30 students, mostly from UK)

April 2007: Wuhan China, Workshop on Effective ‘Training for Conservation’ delivered at 3rd World Botanic Gardens Congress

May 2007: Tropical Plant Identification Course: (16 students from UK, Germany, Honduras, Lebanon, Tanzania, Sri Lanka)

July/August 2007: Plant Conservation Strategies – (10 students from Algeria, Australia, Argentina, Botswana, Kenya, UK/Falklands, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Turkey)

September 2007: Imperial College MSc in Conservation Science: 30 students (UK, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Portugal)

October 2007: Imperial College MSc in Conservation Science: 30 students (UK, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Portugal)

October 2007: Derby University BSc in Ecology (31 students)

October 2007: London Metropolitan University- Interior Design And Technology (22 students, mainly UK)

November 2007: Herbarium Techniques Course held at University of the West Indies, Trinidad; (30 students from Caribbean region)

November 2007: University of Exeter – MSc Biodiversity and Conservation (24 students mostly from UK, )

November 2007: Middlesex University MSc in Sustainable development (14 students from Ghana, Nepal, India, Nigeria, Kenya, China, Gambia, Poland/Sweden, UK/Zimbabwe, Burundi

January 2008: University of Kent, MSc in Ethnobotany (9 students from UK, Denmark, Morocco, USA, Colombia and Peru)

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In addition, the following training activities were undertaken by Kew and Millenium Seed Bank Project partners:

  • 3 day ‘Seed and fruit morphology’ course (NZ), 24 participants, all NZ.
  • 1 day ‘Seed collecting’ course (Houston, Texas), 24 volunteers, all US
  • 1 day ‘Post-harvest handling and seed curation’ course (South Texas), 9 participants, all US.
  • 3.5 day ‘Seed collecting’ course (Oregon) 8 participants, all US.
  • 3 day ‘Seed collecting and post-harvest handling’ course (Hungary), 6 participants, all Hungarian.
  • 4 day ‘Seed collecting and conservation’ course (Dominican Republic, in Spanish), 13 participants, all Dominican Republic
  • 5 day ‘Seed collecting’ course (Tanzania); 12 participants, all Tanzanian.
  • 3 day ‘Seed collecting and conservation’ course (Mali, in French) 13 participants (2 Madagascar, 5 Burkina Faso, 6 Mali)
  • 2 week courses: ‘Improving the identification, handling and storage of “difficult” seeds’:
    • Kenya course: 16 participants from 9 countries
    • Burkina Faso course (in French): 13 participants from 9 countries
    • Botswana course: 16 participants from 11 countries
    • Morocco course (in French): 19 participants from 12 countries

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