Global Biodiversity Outlook 4

GBO-4 Partners

A range of partners contributed to the preparation of the fourth edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook and its underlying reports. The Global Biodiversity Information Facility Secretariat assisted with the preparation of the text of the GBO4 main report. Technical Series 78 was prepared by a consortium of organizations including DIVERSITAS, UNEP-WCMC, members of the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership, iDIV the Center for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change, the University of British Columbia Fisheries Center and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Technical Series 79 was prepared by the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Wageningen UR, the University of British Columbia and Tropenbos International. Technical Series 81 was prepared by the members of the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation and coordinated by Botanic Gardens Conservation International. For the full lists of acknowledgements for the main GBO-4 report and its underlying studies please consult the acknowledgements sections of the reports.