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CBD Museum of Nature and Culture

A work of art can often illustrate volumes more than mere words about the intricate cultural and social fabric of a country. The Convention on Biological Diversity’s Museum of Nature and Culture serves as a marvelous opportunity for Parties to share their cultural inheritance with the world, and to publicly showcase their country’s unique biological diversity in an artistic and symbolic way.

Since the Executive Secretary first sent a request for donations to the Museum of Nature and Culture in January 2006 to all Parties of the Convention, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Several countries have graciously donated beautiful works of art that showcase their country’s rich and unique cultural heritage and its relationship to biological diversity.

By donating artwork to the Museum that is reflective of the biological diversity unique to each country, the world benefits from the beauty of the individual artwork as well as the immediate need to protect and conserve the world’s biological diversity for generations to come.

These pieces are now on permanent display as part of the Convention’s Museum of Nature and Culture exhibit, and greet the Secretariat's visitors as they enter.

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Donation from the Ministry of Rural Development
Donation from the Ministry of Rural Development of Hungary