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Title Biodiversity assessment framework: making biodiversity part of corporate social responsibility
Type of Information Scientific paper
Description A multitude of tools and techniques exists to predict, measure or report on human impacts on the environment. Biodiversity is receiving increased attention but in many cases it is not clear what interpretation of ‘biodiversity’ these instruments are based on. The Convention on Biological Diversity provides definitions and supporting documents on what biodiversity is. The Biodiversity Assessment Framework is based on these principles and provides an all-encompassing analytical framework to identify the potential biodiversity impacts of any human activity. It is developed as a reference for the private sector to appraise its tools and procedures from a biodiversity perspective. The framework presented is generic and needs further translation into practical instruments, geared toward specific tasks or situations. In this respect it is intended to be used in a broader context than impact assessment.
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Additional Information
Authors Roel Slootweg
Reference / Citation Slootweg, R. 2005. Biodiversity assessment framework: making biodiversity part of corporate social responsibility. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 23 (1), pp. 37-46.
Programme Areas Impact Assessment
Ecosystem Approach
Business and Biodiversity
Regions Global
Keywords biodiversity
Corporate social responsibility
Convention on biological diversity
Ecosystem approach