Second Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Protected Areas

WGPA 2 - Agenda

1. Opening of the meeting.

2. Organizational matters:
2.1. Election of officers;
2.2. Adoption of the agenda;
2.3. Organization of work.

3. Substantive issues:

3.1 Review of implementation of the programme of work:
3.1.1. Assessment of progress made in implementation;
3.1.2. Obstacles encountered during the implementation of the programme of work on protected areas and ways and means to overcome them;
3.1.3 Progress report on refinement and consolidation of scientific criteria for the identification of marine areas in need of protection and on compilation of biogeographical and other ecological classification system;

3.2. Exploration of options for mobilizing, as a matter of urgency, through different mechanisms adequate and timely financial resources for the implementation of the programme of work:
3.2.1. Consideration of financial needs assessments;
3.2.2. Options on innovative financing mechanisms;
3.2.3. Options on innovative mechanisms to develop public/private partnerships;
3.2.4. Coordination of technical and financial support to improve efficiency and effectiveness of implementation of the programme of work.

4. Other matters.

5. Adoption of the report. 6. Closure of the meeting.