WGRI 2 - Training Workshop on NBSAPs

On Sunday, 8 July 2007, some 60 National Focal Points, Implementing Agencies, NGOs and Secretariat staff participated in a training workshop on NBSAP preparation, updating, and mainstreaming held at the Museum of Natural History. This training session was the result of a collaborative effort between the Secretariat, UNEP-GEF and UNDP. Many of the presentations were based on the series of modules produced jointly by UNEP-GEF, SCBD, and UNU prior to WGRI-2.

Presentations were made by UNEP-GEF, UNDP, and the National Focal Point from Rwanda on the following:

There was extensive engagement of participants in the discussion sessions following each presentation, both in terms of questions posed to the trainers and presenters as well as sharing of national experiences on challenges, successes, and approaches to planning, updating, and mainstreaming NBSAPs.

A questionnaire requesting feedback on the training event was circulated at the end of the day, and comments were very positive. Participants requested more training events of this nature back-to-back or in the margins of future CBD meetings.

NBSAP training materials have been developed through a collaborative effort of the United Nations Environment Programme, the Secretariat of the Convention and the United Nations University, and are available here.