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National Celebrations

September, 2010. The Principality of Andorra became the Global Biodiversity Information Facility’s (Gbif) 100th Participant, the world’s largest initiative for enabling free access to biodiversity data via the Internet, and who also supports the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity. Article (in Catalan).

  Young scientists from UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) explore biodiversity
Biodiversity and Sustainability was the subject of the 12th International Meeting of Young Scientists of the UNESCO Associated Schools, held in Santarém, Portugal, from 13 to 16 January.
The meeting brought together 55 ASPnet students and teachers from 4 countries (Andorra, Portugal, Spain and United States of America) to launch the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity with students and a teacher from each country presenting their research on topics including Evolution, Biodiversity and Sustainability, Sustainability of the Systems of Animal Production, Public Health and Fight Against Poverty and Protected Areas and Biodiversity Maintenance.
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