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Activities for the International Year of Biodiversity (French)

Rapport synthèse des activités menées par la Commission des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale (COMIFAC)

Report by the Association For Environment and Youth Development (AFEYD)

  Célébration of the International Day of Biodiversiy by APEDJ/AFEYD
APEDJ/AFEYD (Association Pour l'Environnement et Développement de la Jeunesse/Association For Environment and Youth Development) has answered to the invitation of UNEP and others structures of environment to celebrate the IYB and on May 22nd, 2010 APEDJ/AFEYD has conducted the activity. The action was trees planting and environmental education concerning the importance of biodiversity. Two schools (LOANGO Marine and La Médiane) have joined us to celebrate that activity. So some questions about Biodiversity were asked by the children and young people of those schools, which are:
  • What is biodiversity?
  • Why the celebration of IDB?
  • What's conservation of biodiversity?
  • What means the degradation of biodiversity?
  • What means flora, fauna? What means aquatic species?... until eleven questions asked by the children an young people of those schools.

More information can be found by downloading Report of this activity or by visiting Picasa to review the photos.
Dates and VenueEvent
5 June 2010
Celebration of the International Day of Biodiversity