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National Celebrations

List of national programmes to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity in Indonesia.

Website Kementerian Llngkungan Hidup, Republik Indonesia

National campaign for International Year of Biodiversity from Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (Yayasan KEHATI Indonesia)

  The Forbidden forests of the Dayak, Borneo
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Dates and VenueEvent
24 - 26 February 2010
Eleventh Special Session of the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum
Organized by:
United Nations Environment Programme
1 March - 30 July 2010
Media Opinion
13 March 2010
1 April 2010
Journalist Gathering
16 April 2010
Kalasey Manado
Beach Clean-Up Day
17 April 2010
Marine and Reef Relief Sweep Block
22 Apr 2010
Serangan village-Bali
Coral Day
22 April 2010
Thousand Island-Pramuka-Jakarta
Coral Day
1 May 2010
Let's Go Talaud, Beyond the Nature and Culture
4 May 2010
Coral Day
22 May 2010
Green Wave Campaign
22 May 2010
"The Reef Night"
30 June 2010
National Seminar for Biodiversity: “Indonesian biodiversity for better Indonesia in the future”
4 - 10 July 2010
24th Conference of the Caretakers of the Environment International
25 July - 8 August 2010

Pantai Bersih Beach Clean-Up / Organized by The Alliance for Tompotika Conservation
13 November 2010
World Science Day (WSD) 2010
Co-hosted by the Indonesian Institute of Science and University of Indonesia: 2010 Annual meeting of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC).

The ATBC is the largest professional society devoted to the promotion of research into, conservation of, and education about tropical biodiversity. The general meeting moves annually, and this is the first time it will take place in Southeast Asia.

  World Environment Day Celebrated at Bintan, Riau Archipelago
The occasion took place at the shore of Desa (Village) Malang Rapat, and also as part of contribution to the International Year of Biodiversity 2010. There were two major activities carried out on the day, namely the announcement of the result of the writing competition and the planting of mangrove seedlings. A group of young students presented a local traditional dance at the beginning of the ceremony.


Eco Lodges Indonesia

Eco Lodges Indonesia is a small company based at Udayana EcoLodge, Udayana University, Bali, Indonesia committed to conserve threatened wildlife and assist village communities build their own capacity for conservation and improving their livelihoods through sustainable tourism activities. The company has thus far built and operate four eco-lodges in environmentally sensitivelocations around Indonesia – in Kalimantan, Sumatra, Bali and Flores. More are planned. They use locally-found, renewable building materials and time-tested practical solutions from local communities so the eco lodges provide high quality local experiences for visitors at moderate prices. Environmental and socially responsible principles are integrated into daily practices at each Ecolodge Indonesia location. Similarly, the company has a strong history and commitment to Travelers’ Philanthropy helping to support community projects providing financial and material assistance to projects such as local schools, human and animal health services, funding and delivering training programs for Government officials in protected areas and national parks. Ecolodges Indonesia also promotes fair trade programs, helping local artisans and producers sell goods to visitors, thus assisting them to improve their quality of life and strengthen their communities.

Greeners Indonesia

Greeners is a print and online media about environment and ecofriendly lifestyle in Indonesia since 2005.