If you are organising an event to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity, we encourage you to share your activities with us and everyone in your country. If you wish to see the information below in your official language, please send us a translation (.doc or .pdf) at iyb2010@cbd.int.

If you have videos and photos of your celebrations of the International Year of Biodiversity, please send them to us!


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National Celebrations

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Kiribati Development Plan: 2008-2011
The theme of this plan is “Enhancing economic growth for sustainable development ‘ and the vision is ‘A vibrant economy for the people of Kiribati .‘ This is what Government is all about. It is for the people and to ensure that the benefits derived from the growth of the economy is felt and enjoyed by all its people.
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Restoring Biodiversity One Island At A Time
2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity but evidence from the United Nations shows biodiversity is in a perilous state of decline. Nadine Koszler looks at how Kiribati is taking steps in the right direction to conserve the Pacific island nation’s unique environment.
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