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National Celebrations

Hazar Project

Joint project of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan, GEF, and UNDP started the work in October 2006. Project is designed for 4 years and worked till October 2010.
The main goal of the project is protection of Turkmenistan’s globally significant biodiversity by strengthening sustainability of the country’s National System of Protected Areas.
The main mission of the project is to search for new joint and adaptive approach to preservation and management of natural resources in Hazar state reserve, and to demonstrate and duplicate the best practice in the whole National System of Protected Areas of Turkmenistan (NSPA).
The main components of the project include:
  • Strengthening management potential and efficiency of preservation in Hazar reserve.
  • Establishing cross-sector capacity for integrated coastal management and creating biodiversity conservation tasks to be introduced to the industrial sectors surrounding Hazar reserve.
  • Building mutual understanding between Hazar reserve and local communities for strengthening sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Introducing best practices of the project to the NSPA of Turkmenistan.

More information: www.hazarwetlands.com