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National Celebrations

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Dates and VenueEvent
2 - 2 February 2010
World Wetland Day
9 May 2010
World Migratory Bird Day
14 May 2010
Talk given by World-Famous Ecology Professor Fikret Berkes
31 July - 13 August 2010
Fifth World Youth Congress
Organized by:
Turkiye 2010 - World Youth Congress
2 - 6 August 2010
Second International Workshop : Invasive Plants in the Mediterranean Type Regions of the World
Organized by:
European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization
European Environment Agency
30 - 31 October 2010
Biodiversity 2010: All the Diversity of Life

Past Events

2 February 2010, World Wetland Day
KuzeyDoğa Society celebrated World Wetland Day in Kars and Iğdır.

9 May 2010, World Migratory Bird Day
KuzeyDoğa Society celebrated World Wetland Day at Lake Kuyucuk.

14 May 2010, World-Famous Ecology Professor Fikret Berkes Gave a Talk in Honor of 2010 International Year of Biodiversity
Prof. Berkes gave a talk on “The importance of involving local people in natural resource conservation” at Kafkas University as a guest of assistant professor Dr. Mehmet Ali Kırpık of Kafkas University Biology Department.

22 May 2010, Organisations in Turkey celebrated the International Day for Biodiversity

5 June 2010, World Environment Day
KuzeyDoğa Society celebrated World Environment Day in Sarikamis Forest and Allahuekber Mountains National Park of Kars, Turkey with high school students and the public.

Nature and Man Journal - Turkish Association for the Conservation of Nature (TTKD)


KuzeyDoga Society

KuzeyDoga Society was established on January 28, 2008 in the province of Kars in northeastern Turkey. We are mainly interested in birds and their habitats, doing scientific research, organizing environmental education programs for kids and youth, raising awareness among local people about nature, providing training and capacity development opportunities for youth, promoting nature friendly tourism activities and cooperating with local, national and international organizations for the nature protection of Kars, Igdir, Ardahan, Artvin and Agri provinces in north-eastern Turkey.