Individuals are making a difference (from Western Michigan, USA)

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I've been concerned about biodiversity for a long time. We finally were able to buy a house, so we decided to put in a butterfly garden made up of 100% native Michigan plants, all of which were grown from seeds (over 30 native species). The first picture is the initial planting, and the second picture is what it looked like by the end of that growing season. It also shows some of the grass we killed off in order to expand the garden for next year. (For those who are nitpicky like I am, the tall sedum plants in the back of the garden were originally there. I may or may not leave them since they attract honey bees so well, but they're not native.)

We plan on converting much of our lawn into native plantings.

Even small steps can have an impact! Keep up the good work!

Julianna Van Enk

SCBD Executive Secretary

SCBD Executive Secretary