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CEPA FAIR 2022 - virtual events - COP15

Virtual events - December 2022




  Virtual event - 8:00 - 8:30am

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) / University of Oxford

Higher education sector commits to take action for nature and biodiversity
through new Nature Positive Universities Alliance

The Nature Positive Universities Alliance, co-led by the University of Oxford and UNEP, will be launching its university pledges at COP15 in Montreal on 8th December 2022.

This initiative brings together universities from around the world to come together and prioritize nature on university campuses and in their supply chains. Learn more in this introductory video.

This network now includes sign ups from 600+ people from 400+ universities - a mix of people including students, researchers, staff and leadership. Part of our mission now is to convert them (and other universities who have probably never heard about our initiative) to making a Nature Positive Pledge which involves their VC or senior management committing to carrying out a baseline of their biodiversity impacts, setting smart targets, carrying out actions and reporting annually. We also have a network of 75 Student Ambassadors from countries ranging from Cameroon to India, Nigeria and Brazil, promoting action for nature on their campuses.

At COP15, we will be announcing the founding universities of this Alliance, who have been the first to make a concrete commitment to restoring their relationship with nature and becoming nature positive. Become a founding university by making a pledge today.

Nature Positives Pledge flyer

Join us at the launch event on 8th December 2022 at 8am EST / 4pm EAT to learn more about the founding universities and the great work they will be doing, as well as how the Alliance will be moving forward to inspire the sector to step up its leadership for nature and biodiversity. More info about the launch event.

Nature Positives Universities

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030

UN Environment Programme

University of Oxford


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  Virtual event - 8 Dec. 2022 - 8:15-9:00pm (Montreal Time zone) | 9 Dec. 2022 - 12:15-1:00pm (Australia time-zone)

Peace with Nature

Capacity building to protect biodiversity and promote socioeconomic development of local communities in Colombia

Capacity building to protect biodiversity and promote socioeconomic development of local communities in Colombia Peace with Nature is an interdisciplinary program to empower ex-combatants to protect biodiversity and create new life choices for their reincorporation into civil society. It is a blueprint for future ecological research and social transformation in war zones, and it demonstrates how scientific and social progress come hand in hand.

Peace with Nature was established in 2017 based on a simple but forceful idea: to empower ex-combatants, who have lived for many years hidden in remote parts of the forest and have affinities with environmental protection, to document biodiversity, become its protectors and come up with nature-based business ideas.

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Vita Sapien

Proposals on how to advance awareness raising and behaviour change

Video: Vita Sapien CBD COP-15: Nicholas Bestevaar speaks about Vita Sapien's plans for CBD COP-15




Pocket Book: Vita Sapien: Ecological Spirituality, Guy Lane, June 2022 [PDF-76 pages-441 Kb]

Read the  Vita Sapien pocketbook: Ecological Spirituality


Website: Vita Sapien website

Visit the Vita Sapein Website


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A Rocha

Communicating place-based conservation action through film

Place-based conservation activities can be inherently challenging to share with a wide audience, but film offers the opportunity to share these conservation stories effectively. We will screen several short films that tell the story of conservation activities based out of the field study centres where we work. An open discussion with practitioners connected with these activities will follow.

A Rocha

A Rocha Project: Driving Elephants

A Rocha: Conservation






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