IDB 2023 in UK

IDB 2023 in UK

idb2023 in the UK


  22 May 2023 | America Square Conference Centre, Central London


 The Biodiversity and Nature Markets Summit 2023

banner The Biodiversity and Nature Markets Summit 2023


Biodiversity loss is now a critical business risk for both financial institutions and corporates. Spurred on by the recommendations of COP15, governments, policymakers and financial regulators are focused on how to align financial flows with the preservation of biodiversity and how to enforce this through ESG regulatory frameworks that currently mainly target climate change.

City & Financial’s timely summit, ‘The Biodiversity and Nature Markets Summit 2023: A Practical Guide for Corporates and Financial Institutions’, will analyse the key issues involved in the round and provide practical guidance on the steps that organisations should be taking now.

Key themes to be discussed
  •     The UK's strategy for protecting biodiversity
  •     The COP15 Global Biodiversity Framework – Implications for business and finance
  •     Biodiversity loss: the scale of the problem and its broad implications
  •     Impact of biodiversity loss on corporates, banks and investment firms
  •     The latest development in Biodiversity Credit Markets
  •     Modelling and mitigating your company’s exposure to biodiversity loss risk
  •     Reporting on nature risks, opportunities, impacts and dependencies
  •     Portfolio analysis for banks and investment firms
  •     Due diligence and reporting: practical approaches and legal issues   
  •     The use of satellite data for monitoring nature
  •     Getting it wrong: reputational risks and their implications
  •     Business opportunities in biodiversity


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