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Report 2022

Cameroon, Party to the CBD, has always joined the international community to celebrate the International Day of Biodiversity (IDB). The celebration of this day calls on everyone to take action to reverse the growing trend of biodiversity loss, a challenge that must be met in accordance with the country's development vision defined in its National Development Strategy 2020-2030. Aware of its role as a custodian of biodiversity and in recognition of the cardinal role of biodiversity as an answer to several sustainable development challenges, ecosystem-based approach to address climate change, health issues, food and water security, and sustainable livelihoods, and that biodiversity is the foundation on which we can build back better, the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, under the auspices of His Excellency Mr. HELE Pierre, organized a series of activities to commemorate this year’s celebration.

These activities carried out between the 16th-30th May 2022, included awareness-raising through inter-school environmental club competitions (using quizzes, poems, rhymes, and paintings), a high-level webinar on the presentation of the main findings from Cameroon’s NBESA, an exhibition of biodiversity-related activities carried out by various technical and financial partners within the national territory and a gastronomic exhibition by women groups from the different regions of Cameroon.

The celebration brought together key partner sector ministries and stakeholders working on biodiversity, as well as representatives from key development and productive sectors, research institutions, NGOs, CSOs, IPLCs, youths, women, students, media and technical and financial partner organizations.

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18 mai 2022, 11:00-13:00 (GMT+1), Online

Bâtir un avenir commun à toutes les formes de vies

Le 18 mai 2022 la Commission des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale (COMIFAC) en collaboration avec le Projet régional GIZ d’Appui tiendra un webinar sur la thématique de la : « Diversité biologique et agenda 2030 dans le Bassin du Congo ».

Website: Actualités sur l'évènement de la COMIFAC


Louisette Sylvie YEBEL-FOUNGA
Experte communication COMIFAC

Chargée de Communication Projet GIZ d’appui à la COMIFAC


Past celebrations


Celebration of the International Biodiversity Day 2021

South West Region

8:00am West Africa Standard Time (GMT+1)


CWASAF in collaboration with the Delegation of Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development, Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife, Delegation of Agriculture and Rural Development SW, and some NGO's in Buea engaged in a Sensitization campaigns from Bongo Square to Check Point-Buea, Cameroon.

Members of the regional delegations of environment, forestry and wildlife are fronting a campaign to protect nature and natural resources. 

Delegates and supporters will march the streets to distribute flyouts and lecture to fellow community members in the population. 

This sensitization is aimed to raise awareness and provoke positive actions towards the conservation and positive use of biodiversity. 
We shall meet at the delegation at 08:00am,




For more details, interested volunteers should please contact Sam at 675194883. 


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