Biodiversity Day 2021 - Logo guidelines

You can show support for biodiversity by customizing the logo with your name!

Biodiversity Day 2021 focuses on the new global biodiversity framework, which will be adopted at the upcoming UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15).

The hashtag for overall biodiversity communications work in 2021 is #ForNature.


The 2021 Biodiversity Day logo is similar to last year's logo, but not identical. The image has been improved, and the text has been updated. A new feature is that it can be customized.


You can show support for biodiversity by customizing the logo with your name (country, city, organization, business, individual, etc.). Collectives should use “We’re part of the solution”. Individuals should use “I’m part of the solution”.

 The main version of the logo is:

Biodiversity Day 2021 logo

Examples of customized logos:

Collective   Individual
idb-2021-logo-en-web-un.png   idb-2021-logo-en-web-mohamed_1.png


In addition, it is possible to have a local and/or an international version:

Local version   International version
idb-2021-logo-en-web-sverige.png   idb-2021-logo-en-web-sweden.png


Keep in mind

Regarding countries, organizations and other collectives, only the official version submitted by the government or entity will be considered. In other words, individuals may not submit a logo on behalf of their country (however, you may propose your logo to your CBD National Focal Point for consideration/validation).

The CBD Secretariat assists Parties in producing their national logo, as needed.

We acknowledge that certain customized logos may be more challenging to design depending on languages and/or name length. Please contact us if you experience issues with creating a national logo.


Additional features (optional)

Provided that it is done by a professional graphic designer, images on the puzzle pieces may be changed to better represent species endemic to each country. The style of the images must match the simple style of the official Biodiversity Day logo so that the pieces have the same look and feel when shown together with the official logo. The logo must remain clear at very small scale (i.e. there should not be many details). Puzzle pieces and logos that match the style of the official logo may be displayed at the UN Biodiversity Conference. Please contact us for more information.

Rationale for the design

  • A popular graphic representation of “solutions” is a puzzle.
  • Each piece can be given a meaning.
  • Each piece of the puzzle connects to others, symbolizing interconnectedness.
  • On 22 May, Biodiversity Day, the pieces come together.

Science and Knowledge

The first step to solving any problem is to understand the issue. Science and traditional knowledge not only help understand the state of biodiversity, but also enable us to comprehend the drivers of biodiversity loss and pathways for a sustainable

Biodiversity is presented as a solution to climate change. The polar bear was chosen because it is an iconic mammal species commonly associated with climate change and
habitat loss, both aquatic and terrestrial.


Conservation of Biodiversity

Raising awareness on protected areas and other effective area- based protection measures, which deal with the different objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The goose was chosen because it is a migratory bird species, both terrestrial and aquatic, spanning many geographical areas and habitats that extend beyond national boundaries.


Health, Food and Biodiversity

World Bee Day, 20 May, which precedes Biodiversity Day, is devoted to health, agriculture, food security, food and feed.

The bee (or bumblebee) was chosen because it is an important pollinator of immense economic significance. The tree, in addition to the multitude of ecosystem services that it provides, can be interpreted as a fruit tree, or used for other purposes, including the health benefits from spending time in nature.


People, Culture and Biodiversity

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, 21 May, highlights devoted to people and culture in relation to biodiversity. The day highlights how indigenous peoples and local communities play a vital role in biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.

The girl was chosen to represent humans and our role and responsibility in the big picture, as our social roles have a profound effect on our surrounding environment. The flower represents our (sustainable) use of biodiversity and all the benefits we derive from nature.


Technical specifications


The full colour palette of the logo is explained in details here.

Web: RGB 0, 155, 72
Print: CMYK 96, 0, 88, 1

Web: RGB 0, 134, 183
Print: CMYK 92, 0, 0, 28

Web: RGB 160, 88, 0
Print: CMYK 30, 60, 100, 10

Web: RGB 232, 200, 0
Print: CMYK 0, 14, 100, 10


Fonts & languages

The Biodiversity Day 2021 logo is available in the six United Nations languages. If you create other language versions, please send them to us to share on the website.

English, French, Russian, Spanish: Impact

Chinese: Microsoft JhengHei UI

Arabic: SimplifiedArabic