Cooperation and Partnerships

Options for cooperation

There exist many avenues for further enhancing cooperation among the biodiversity-related Conventions. The challenge will be to do so in a manner that adds value to existing efforts, making use of the relative strengths of each convention without duplicating work.

Ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing contributions to achieving and monitoring progress towards the 2010 target.
  • Participating in the development of a Global Partnership for Biodiversity.
  • Harmonizing national reporting processes to increase information quality and reduce the reporting burden on Parties.
  • Strengthening national implementation, through, for example, increased coordination among national focal points of the various conventions.
  • Developing common approaches to addressing the major threats to biodiversity, as identified by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (i.e., climate change, land use change, invasive species, overexploitation and pollution).
  • Working to integrate biodiversity concerns into the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and the development process more generally, emphasizing the links between environmental sustainability and development.
  • Coordinating requests to scientific assessments, and sharing scientific expertise and tasks among the conventions.
  • Sharing criteria, guidelines and definitions to promote coherence.

These and other options for cooperation are drawn from:

  • the meetings of the Biodiversity Liaison Group
  • the joint paper of the secretariats of the biodiversity-related conventions on ‘Options for enhanced cooperation among the biodiversity-related conventions’ (UNEP/CBD/WGRI/1/7/Add.2).
  • the final report of the ‘Expert workshop promoting CITES-CBD Cooperation and Synergy’ (Vilm, Germany, 20-24 April 2004). The full workshop proceedings are also available.
  • the documents of the Regional Workshop for Africa on Synergy among the Rio Conventions and Other Biodiversity-Related Conventions in Implementing the Programmes of Work on Dry and Sub-humid Lands and Agrobiodiversity (Gaborone, 13-17 September 2004).
  • The paper ‘Synergies and Cooperation: Status report on activities promoting synergies and cooperation between Multilateral Environmental Agreements, in particular biodiversity-related conventions, and related mechanisms’, prepared by UNEP-WCMC.

These and additional documents relating to cooperation among the conventions are available here .