Frequently Asked Questions for Media participating at COP 10 and MOP 5

  1. Where can I learn about press accreditation for COP 10/MOP5?

  2. I have covered previous CBD meetings do I have to apply again?

  3. What is the deadline for accreditation?

  4. What must I do to become accredited at the meeting?

  5. What do you mean by “additional materials”? What is required?

  6. Do I need to send a photo?

  7. To whom do I address the letter of assignment?

  8. What should the letter of assignment contain?

  9. How can I send my materials to you?

  10. I don't have a press card. Will you still accredit me?

  11. I would like to register as a delegate or NGO and also have press accreditation. Is this possible?

  12. I am a freelance journalist. Can I still get accreditation?

  13. What about press accreditation for blogs?

  14. I am with an independent film company that is producing a documentary. Can I access the conference?

  15. I am a press officer at an embassy. Do I need press accreditation to attend?

  16. I am a writer or press officer for a non-governmental or observer organization, should I seek press accreditation?

  17. What about press traveling with a head of state/government?

  18. What if I am an organization that wishes to hold a press conference?

  19. Can I do a blanket accreditation from my organization?

  20. What happens if I have to replace someone already accredited from my organization?

  21. How can I check the status of my accreditation?

  22. Do you fund journalists’ participation?

  23. Do you make hotel reservations for press representatives?

  24. Will you help me get a visa?

  25. I've got my accreditation, what now?

  26. Can I pick up my badge in advance?

  27. What does the accreditation cover?

  28. What should I do if my badge is lost or stolen?

  29. Where am I allowed to go?

  30. Where am I not permitted?

  31. How do I request interviews?

  32. I am a still photographer, where may I take pictures?

  33. I am a broadcaster, where may I obtain images?

  34. Where are press conferences held?

  35. What languages will be spoken at the press conferences?

  36. How will I gain access to the Press Conference Room?

  37. What facilities are available to the accredited media?

    The International Media Centre (IMC) located on the 2nd floor of the Building 2 offers work cubicles and spaces/desks to the accredited media. A total of 16 work cubicles and seven media work spaces (in Media Working Room A, two-seat desk per one space) are available to TV/radio broadcasters and news agencies upon request on a fee-for-service basis . A total of 30 work spaces (in Media Working Room A, two-seat desk per one space) are shared by all media and available upon request on a fee-for-service basis. In Media Working Room A, two networked computers are available free of charge. In Media Working Rooms B and C, 216 seats at desk are shared by all media and available free of charge on a first come, first served basis. A total of 36 computers networked with the printer are also available free of charge in Media Working Rooms B and C. Wireless LAN is available throughout the IMC. For detailed information about media facilities and services offered at IMC, please visit the website of the NHK International, the Host Broadcaster for the Conference:

  38. Will I have to pass through screening?

  39. Where can I obtain information about the latest events and activities at the Conference?

  40. Can you send me a list of CBD accredited media persons?

  41. I would like to stay informed about CBD news and events. Can you add me to your mailing list?

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