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Suriname - Country Profile

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National Biodiversity Strategy Action Plan

Major features of National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Suriname’s National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS) establishes the national vision, goals and strategic directions to be pursued in order to conserve and sustainably use the nation’s rich biodiversity and biological resources and foster the sustainable management of its natural resources, and support the equitable sharing of the biodiversity related to services and benefits provided by the ecosystems. The NBS of Suriname provides a basis and a framework for the development of a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) which will identify the activities, tasks, outcomes, milestones and the responsible actors needed to implement the strategic directions. The use and management of biodiversity remains a critical element in the maintenance and development of traditional societies and an emerging modern economy. The seven goals of the strategy are (i) conserve biodiversity, (ii) sustainable use of biological resources, (iii) facilitate access to biological resources to promote equitable developments in biotechnology and safe handling and transport of genetic materials, (iv) regulated and monitor access to genetic resources and the associated traditional knowledge and equitable benefit-sharing, (v) enhance natural resources management capacity, (vi) public awareness, education and community empowerment, and (vii) promote local and regional cooperation and collaboration in implementation. Each goal is given a set of strategic directions, each associated with specific activities. For instance, one of the strategic directions for the biodiversity conservation goal is to manage and maintain wild species and their habitats. To achieve this, Suriname will evaluate and revise existing laws, and draft, enact and promulgate new laws and rules to ensure that policies relating to the conservation of habitat and species nationally and locally are clear and enforceable. In addition they will complete a biodiversity inventory and provide public education to local communities, the tourism sector and hunters. The action plan for the strategy should be prepared within 9-12 months of the publication of the strategy.

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