National Reports

National Reports

What's New?

COP-15 adopts decision 15/6 on mechanisms for planning, monitoring, reporting and review requesting Parties to submit their seventh and eighth national reports by 28 February 2026 and 30 June 2029, respectively.

Data Reporting Tool for MEAs (DaRT)

DaRT is the first tool supporting Parties to effectively use synergies in the field of knowledge and information management for national reporting to biodiversity-related conventions. DaRT is being developed by UNEP, with the support of SCBD, and was endorsed by the InforMEA Initiative which brings together MEAs. It is financially supported by the European Union and Switzerland. Click here for further details. See also SBI-3 information document prepared on DaRT.

Bioland Tool

The Bioland Tool is a turnkey solution that can be used by all countries, no matter what capacity constraints they are faced with, to establish a basic operational national CHM website which, among other things, can effectively facilitate NBSAP implementation. This turnkey solution uses the Drupal content management system (CMS) and is available at no cost to countries. Click here to see a demonstration of the Bioland Tool. Countries interested in making use of the Bioland Tool should contact the CBD Secretariat at

In accordance with decision XIII/27, the 6NR was due 31 December 2018. Parties are strongly encouraged to use the 6NR online reporting tool, available on the Clearing-House Mechanism, to prepare and submit their 6NR. In addition, documents and materials for preparing the 6NR are accessible on the 6NR Information Portal. A User Manual for the 6NR online reporting tool is also available on this Portal.

Access 6NRs

The 6NRs that have been submitted using the online reporting tool are accessible on the Clearing-House Mechanism.

Those submitted offline are accessible below: