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The national targets (or equivalent) presented in this database are taken from the NBSAPs received since COP-10, fifth national reports or from documents submitted separately. The mapping of national targets to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets by the Party concerned is indicated in the last column “Related Aichi Target(s)”. All Parties are encouraged to undertake this mapping exercise and to submit this information to SCBD for incorporation in this database.

Reference Target Related Strategic Goals/Aichi Targets
Strategic Goal 1 By 2020, the use of natural resources and interventions involving them are sustainable so that the conservation of ecosystems and their services and of species and their genetic diversity is ensured. 4, 7
Strategic Goal 2 By 2020, an ecological infrastructure consisting of protected and connected areas is developed. The state of threatened habitats is improved. 5, 8, 11, 14, 15
Strategic Goal 3 By 2020, the conservation status of the populations of national priority species is improved and their extinction prevented insofar as possible. The spread of invasive alien species with the potential to cause damage is contained. 9, 12
Strategic Goal 4 By 2020, genetic impoverishment is decelerated and, if possible, halted. The conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources, including that of livestock and crops, is ensured. 13, 16
Strategic Goal 5 By 2020, the negative impacts of existing financial incentives on biodiversity are identified and avoided, if possible. Where appropriate, new positive incentives are created. 3
Strategic Goal 6 By 2020, ecosystem services are recorded quantitatively. This enables their consideration in the measurement of welfare as complementary indicators to gross domestic product and in regulatory impact assessments. 2, 3, 20
Strategic Goal 7 By 2020, sufficient knowledge about biodiversity is available to society and provides the basis for the universal understanding of biodiversity as a central pillar of life, and for its consideration in relevant decision-making processes. 1, 19
Strategic Goal 8 By 2020, biodiversity in settlement areas is promoted so that settlement areas contribute to the connection of habitats, settlement-specific species are conserved and the population is able to experience nature in the resi-dential environment and in local recreational areas. 4, 7
Strategic Goal 9 By 2020, Switzerland’s commitment to the conservation of global biodiversity at international level is strengthened. 6, 10, 16, 18, 20
Strategic Goal 10 By 2020, the monitoring of changes in ecosystems and in species and genetic diversity is ensured. 17, 19