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Kiribati - Country Profile

The national targets (or equivalent) presented in this database are taken from the NBSAPs received since COP-10, fifth national reports or from documents submitted separately. The mapping of national targets to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets by the Party concerned is indicated in the last column “Related Aichi Target(s)”. All Parties are encouraged to undertake this mapping exercise and to submit this information to SCBD for incorporation in this database.

Reference Target Related Strategic Goals/Aichi Targets
National Target Establish at least one marine protected area and expand protected areas program to other islands in Kiribati by 2020 11
National Target Establish at least 3 community based management plans for coastal resources (Fisheries and Mangroves) by 2018 7, 10, 11, 14
National Target Develop and implement at least one or two PA management plan by 2020 11
National Target Turtle nesting beach enhancement by 2018 11, 12
National Target Develop Coastal Management Plan and Policy by 2017 5
National Target Identify the vulnerable coastal areas (flooding, hazard risks) that need protection taking into considering the existing key biodiversity areas (KBA) in Kiribati 5
National Target Expanding soft measures (coastal vegetation, mangroves, buibui) for coastal protection by 2019 10, 14
National Target Clean-ups in Urban areas – South Tarawa and Christmas Island 8
National Target Eradication of invasive species on the PIPA infested islands. 9
National Target Removal of the rusted wrecked vessels impacting on the corals and marine life. 5, 8
National Target Reduce the use of unsustainable fishing practices by 2020 by 30% 1, 2, 12
National Target Reduce the overharvesting practices of terrestrial resources by 2018 1, 7
National Target Restoration and rehabilitation of marine and terrestrial habitats by 2020 14
National Target Rehabilitation and restoration of ponds for aquaculture development by 2018 6, 14
National Target 60% of local growers/farmers practiced organic agriculture in Kiribati by 2020 1, 8, 14
National Target Develop and increase adoption of sustainable atoll soil management technologies by 2020 1, 4, 7, 8
National Target By 2017, national guidelines and policies for the development and management of ecotourism activities will be developed and ready for implementation and use 4, 20
National Target Identification, assessment and mapping of ecotourism resources by 2017 1, 18, 20
National Target Restoration of destroyed ecotourism resources by 2017 1, 14
National Target Develop regulation on the protection of Ecotourism Resources 4, 12
National Target Identification of endangered, threatened, rare, extinct and protected species, by 2020 12
National Target Development and implementation of at least two turtle species community based management plan by 2019 C, 18
National Target Marine stock enhancement program by 2020 6
National Target Establishment and extension of gene-banks of traditional plant food crop species by 2018 12, 13, 19
National Target Expanding nursery centers to include native food crops and plants on a number of outer islands by 2018 7
National Target Restoration of at least 2 overharvested plants and trees species in at least 2 islands by 2018 5, 14
National Target By beginning of 2017, Bonefish Bye Law for selected islands (e.g. Nonouti Island) will be ready for implementation. 2, 4, 17
National Target By 2018, knowledge and understanding on value of agrobiodiversity improved at the national and local levels. 1
National Target By 2020, knowledge on the importance of marine environment and impacts from human induced acitivities. 1, 19
National Target Revisit Nonouti Island by 2017 for consultations and awareness on importance and value of bonefish conservation. 1
National Target Implementation of environment/biodiversity communication strategy by 2017. 1, 2, 3, 4, 17
National Target Baseline data of biodiversity for food and agriculture established by 2018. 19
National Target Strengthen the capacity on fisheries surveys 1, 4
National Target Upskilling of technical capacity to implement, assess and monitor the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) by 2020. 1, 4
National Target To strengthen the capacity of the National DRM committee, Local Government staff and local communities in environment/biodiversity integrations in development activities in at least one island by 2019 15
National Target To strengthen institutional capacity to assess and monitor the development projects in at least one outer island by 2019 1
National Target Commodity pathway analysis strengthened by 2020 1, 4
National Target Border security strengthened by 2018 9, 19
National Target Enhance and strengthen human resources (WCU-ECD, EYC, Fishing Guides, Ecotourism) Communities in the Northern Line Islands) by 2020 11, 19
National Target Strengthen the institutional and human resource ( ECD, JET, EYC with local communities) capacity to enforce biodiversity related legislation in at least one island by 2019 17, 20
National Target By early 2017, refresher training for Fishing Guides including Catch and Release Fishing Techniques conducted. 1
National Target Identify potential islands to conduct training on Development of products and packages by 2018. 2, 3
National Target Marketing of products and packages 1
National Target Preparation of Kiribati for ratification to the Nagoya Protocol through implementation of the regional project in Kiribati by 2017. 16
National Target The KNISSAP is implemented and sustained in at least 3 islands by 2018. 4
National Target Pest and disease problems identified and control methods developed and used by 2019. 8, 9, 17
National Target By 2017, Biodiversity registers accepted by Language Board (LB) and used nationally. 18
National Target By 2018, completion (75%) of documentation of TK in relation to environment/biodiversity. 18
National Target By 2020, the preparatory phase for appropriate legal mandate to protect traditional knowledge, skills and practices will have been undertaken. 11, 18
National Target By 2017, the Biodiversity Planning Committee, in particular focal points of all biodiversity related conventions have enhanced synergies and harmonization of their national actions harmonizing their national actions. 3, 4, 17
National Target Review the draft protected areas and protected species regulation by 2017. 1, 18
National Target Undertake the evaluation and review of biodiversity related policies implementation by 2019. 3, 14, 17
National Target By beginning of 2018, Act and Regulations for the development and management of ecotourism activities is ready for implementation. 4, 17
National Target Biodiversity information monitoring system established by 2020. 19
National Target Staff are able to analyze fisheries data by 2020. 6, 17
National Target Biodiversity database is established by 2018. 2, 17, 19
National Target Centralized all Agriculture and Livestock information and data facility established by 2018. 19
National Target Documentation of all atoll agriculture and livestock researches by 2020. 13, 19
National Target Conduct study on threats on tourism developments in Kiribati by 2019. 17, 19, 20
National Target Conduct research on Virgin coconut oil (VCO) by 2018. 14, 19