Year 2009

Global Partnership on Cities and Biodiversity and the International Day for Biological Diversity 2009

While cities are today part of the problem of the current unprecedented loss of biodiversity, they are also part of the solution. Indeed, they have a major role to play, as global change starts at the local level. Several leading cities and local authorities are actively involved in this battle for life on Earth and one of the ways they have chosen to spread the word about biodiversity loss is to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity, and to take this opportunity to inform their citizens about Invasive Alien Species.

Already, eleven members of the Global Partnership on Cities and Biodiversity have prepared their celebrations.

  • Summary of activities of the cities

    • City of Bonn
    • Aichi Prefecture and City of Nagoya
    City of Montreal
    • Singapore
    • City of Curitiba
    • City of Brussels
    • Municipality of Walvis Bay
    • São Paulo City
    • Durban
    • City of Cape Town
    • Municipality of Amsterdam

To salute these initiatives, and to encourage a maximum of cities and local authorities to join, the Executive Secretary of the CBD, Dr Ahmed Djoghlaf, is addressing a video message to cities and local authorities of the world. You can also see the video here.


The following cities and local authorities have reported on their celebrations: