Year 2009

Welcome to UNU

More than thirty years of research, knowledge sharing, and capacity development

UNU is dedicated to the generation and transfer of knowledge, and the strengthening of individual and institutional capacities in furtherance of the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

The mission of UNU is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are a concern of the United Nations, its Peoples and Member States.

In fulfilling this mission, UNU fosters intellectual cooperation among scholars, scientists, and practitioners worldwide — especially those in the developing world — and functions as:

• an international community of scholars;
• a bridge between the United Nations and the international academic community;
• a think-tank for the United Nations system;
• a builder of capacity, particularly in developing countries; and
• a platform for dialogue and new and creative ideas.

Pictures from the International Day for Biodiversity Symposium, 22 May 2009

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