International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2012

The IDB2012 logo is available in the 6 United Nations languages, in Dutch and in Farsi. If you create other language versions, please send them to us to share on this page:

Full package 23MB (6 languages: EPS, PNG-web, JPG-print)

ZIP files containing a JPG (print quality) and PNG (for web):

IDB2012-logo-en IDB2012-logo-es
IDB2012-logo-fr IDB2012-logo-ru
IDB2012-logo-zh IDB2012-logo-ar

Other languages

  Dutch: Courtesy of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

  Farsi: Courtesy of the Hormod Sustainable Development Institute

  Indonesian: Translation courtesy of the Greeners Magazine

  Italian: Courtesy of Accademia del Leviatano

  Japanese: Courtesy of the Nature Conservation Society of Japan


  Portuguese: Courtesy of the Institute for Nature and Biodiversity Conservation

  Tamil: Courtesy of CEE Tamil Nadu

  Turkish: Courtesy of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Works, General Directorate of Nature Protection and National Parks